I nodded and did not think much about it.

After she left, Ashton turned to me and questioned, “Since when were you so kind to her?”

“Isn’t it on the way?”

He saw through my lie immediately. “Scarlett, is that your excuse?”

I thought about it and finally gave a more conclusive answer. “Hmm, she is someone who I feel bad for.”

She was probably in her forties. Typically, a person in her thirties would be building up her finances. In her forties, she should have settled down. Given her age, if she had a family in J City, she would not have moved to K City regardless of how high the salary was. Thinking about it, her family was most likely in financial distress.

Besides, I could tell that she seemed more withdrawn than before.

Ashton acknowledged it but did not ask more. Then, he solemnly looked at me and asked, “Were you jealous of what happened earlier?”

At that instant, I did not understand what he was referring to. However, after staring back at his intense gaze, I realized what he was talking about.

“I can understand it. No matter how strong Rachel may seem, she is a woman after all. After such a horrifying accident, she must be frightened. Besides, you were the first person she saw when she regained her consciousness, and it’s not surprising that she was more emotional than usual. She would likely have done the same to anyone else in your place.”

Oddly, Ashton did not seem convinced and had an unusual expression on his face. I probed, “What’s wrong?”

Immediately, he waved his hand and curtly replied, “Nothing!”

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