At noon, Ashton called, “Have you taken your lunch?”

It seemed he had placed a lot of attention on the mundane details of my life now. It was quite unusual of him to behave like this.

I lay on the couch and nodded, “Yeah. I’m a little bored because I’m alone at home.”

He chuckled, “Do you want to come and pick me up from work then?”

I froze for a moment and instantly took up his offer, “Okay!”

I could imagine the smile on his face upon knowing how spirited I was.

After a short pause, he said in a serious voice, “Are you not going to ask me if I’ve taken my lunch?”

I was a little tongue-tied at first. “So… have you eaten?”

“Yes. Grilled eggplant. I’ll make this for you tonight.”

Grandma once said, teenagers are often abashed when they’re in love, while those in their mid-twenties would be more romantic and crazier in love. As for people aged thirty and above, love is basically dead.

But I beg to differ. Love after the age of thirty might not be intense or passionate but will subtly reside in our hearts.

The older we get, the more we appreciate such subtlety. And the love we have for our partners would evolve to become an integral part of our lives.

other’s companionship, and, God willing, we get to

Since I had nothing to do at the Fuller Corporation, I thought I might take my own sweet time going to

taking a nap in the afternoon, I noticed the sky had

it was already 8 p.m. I immediately bounced out of bed, checked my phone, and saw a

I saw a note on the

his own. Something urgent

my dinner. Upon seeing the blanket on the couch, I could not help but slap my forehead with my

back to the couch and gave

the man asked in a deep

a glance at the dishes on the

could feel the vibration from the phone.

about it and answered,

I thought I might as well

new clothes, I drove straight

thirty minutes from the villa, but it took me twice as long to reach the destination

and I had been there several times, the hotel manager knew who

the suite. One was Ashton, and the other one was

very long time. He now had an overgrown beard and

that Ashton did not drink. He sat still on

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