A Second Chance at Forever novel (Eleanor and Bernard)

A Second Chance at Forever novel (Eleanor and Bernard)

Authors:Eleanor Shultz
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After Bernard left, his personal assistant, Aidyn Reyes, entered the room with some pills for Eleanor. These pills were birth control pills because Bernard didn't love her and didn't want her to get pregnant. After their encounters, Aidyn would deliver the pills and make sure Eleanor took them.

Eleanor was filled with emotional pain, whether from her heartache or Bernard's mistreatment. Aidyn respectfully handed her the pills and reminded her to take them. She did so without hesitation.

Aidyn then presented Eleanor with a property title and a check for an extra fifty million as compensation from Mr. Laurence. Eleanor didn't desire money, but Aidyn assumed she did. Despite his generous offer, Eleanor declined, and Aidyn was puzzled.

Eleanor reluctantly handed Aidyn a bank card and asked him to return it to Bernard, stating that she had never used his money and wouldn't accept the severance payment either. Aidyn was stunned to learn that Eleanor hadn't used Bernard's money during their five-year relationship.

Eleanor left Rosewood Manor and walked down the cold streets of A City, her appearance frail and thin. She returned to her luxurious apartment, which felt lifeless to her, much like Bernard's heart. She began packing her belongings, determined to leave everything Bernard had given her.

Afterward, she messaged Aidyn the passcode for Jade Bay Mansion, a clear sign that she wanted nothing to do with the apartment. Aidyn realized that Eleanor had not only refrained from using Bernard's money but also didn't want the apartment he had given her. He promptly informed Bernard of Eleanor's decision.

Bernard was cold and emotionless as he learned about Eleanor's actions. He inquired if there was an extra one million in the account, which Aidyn confirmed. Bernard, deep in thought, broke the bank card in half and instructed Aidyn to dispose of the property title.

Aidyn, sensing that it wasn't the right time to defend Eleanor, left Bernard's office...

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A Second Chance at Forever novel (Eleanor and Bernard)

A Second Chance at Forever novel (Eleanor and Bernard)

1387 Chapters

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