After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Is Mr. Russo Blind?

“My choice is Twilight Studio.”

As soon as this was said, the employees of Twilight Studio were instantly excited. The Russo Group lost!

In these five years, the Russo Group had been unstoppable and invincible in the industry, but now it lost to an unknown studio. It was incredible.

Compared to the excitement of her subordinates, Zayla just cracked a smile.

“Thank you for letting me win, Mr. Russo.”

After saying that, Zayla went on stage, shook hands with Melvin, and signed the contracts.

Twilight Studio won the bidding!

In an instant, the topics like “Twilight Studio won against the Russo Group“, “The Russo Group failed with regret“, etc. were on top trending searches.

heated discussion on the internet.

I feel sorry for Mr. Russo. How handsome Mr. Russo is! He is everything to me!”

memory? Hey, wake up. Do you want to be Mr. Russo’s sworn sister, too?”

is that beautiful woman at Twilight Studio? I see that she has always been confident, without the slightest bit of

woman looks a bit similar to Mr. Russo’s ex–wife?”

the photos taken in the courthouse and compared them.

netizens confirmed through a tiny mole at the corner of Zayla’s eye that it was the same person.

ex–wife! What shocking news it is!”

“Mr. Russo ends up with a lose–lose. Does his ex–wife play the

shocked. Only a few core members knew that Zayla was Stephen’s sister. However, they did not

the dressed–up Zayla with

the studio to do follow–up preparations, including arranging for a simple interview with the media. Meanwhile, Zayla found Melvin and got the key to Snow Building, as well as the documents that needed to be handed

the previous Snow Building,” Melvin said as he extended his hand to Zayla.

shook hands with Melvin. “We will work all out to fulfill your wish.” Zayla’s

corridor. “Zayla, we need to talk.” Simon’s figure blocked the light in

glance at Simon, “Mr. Russo, I have nothing to talk about

is about me and

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