After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Mr. Vargas Has a Good Daughter, Uninvited Guest

“I’m looking forward to it.” Zayla sneered, showing no sign of fear.

Cash’s eyes widened, overwhelmed by Zayla’ aura.

Surprised, he was taken away by the police, and everything went according to procedure.

Cash detentions are nothing new in this town.

It was Zayla who went against him and became the talk of the town.

Twilight Studio, the booth of the group purchase housing project is up again!

Ira Hudson is very dedicated, leading the volunteers to do all kinds of publicity and commentary…

Hungry’s orders skyrocketed, so that the official platform felt suspected of order fraud and immediately investigated.

investigation, it was found

always been as stable as Mount Tai, felt a strong sense of crisis

coffee bean house, “Theodore looked

that it is normal for Cash to run rampant in the

aback, probably not because they happened to meet the police, but because someone called the

I will avoid him if we can. With his head pinned to his

and tone were exceptionally calm, “Then let

Cash to deliver it to her door.

stiff! Go

go back to

Zayla’s box, dragged her and walked out of

“Go, go now!”

held “Theodore’s hand, “Dad, the Vargas family has the absolute right to speak in Houston. It is indeed safe for me to

soon as she said this, “Theodore and Scarlet Trevino are

today? It’s because he didn’t get the 3 million protection fee last year! This time he was beaten up by me and my brother

any time, but it’s less than three months before coffee bean goes on the market. At this juncture, you can’t leave at all! What’s more, if you put the

person, the daughter cannot be a wicked person. If violence can be used to counter violence, and evil can be used to counter evil, and Cash can be put in prison, it will be a good thing for the residents of

and every word is very reasonable, logical and

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