After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Shocked, Lincoln Nash turned out to be his father’s savior

Lincoln Nash? It really is him! So when she was in town, she read it right!

He was also the one who wanted to call the police for them. After all, no one in this town would dare to offend Cash!

Wait, Mr. Vargas? How did he and dad know each other?

“Lincoln, when did you arrive? Why didn’t you notify me in advance? I’ll have someone pick you up.”

“The moment Theodore saw Lincoln Nash, his attitude changed dramatically.

How many big question marks did Zayla have in an instant? What’s the situation?

Before Zayla could react, Lincoln Nash had already walked in front of her, “Ms. Vargas, stay safe.”

Zayla: “..

“Theodore touched Zayla lightly with his hand, “Why are you in a daze?

Zayla came back to her senses and turned to look at “Theodore” beside her, as if saying: Why am I in a daze, Dad, don’t you know?

Afterwards, Zayla nodded towards Lincoln Nash and said perfunctorily, “Hello, Mr.


me introduce to you, Lincoln

introduction is very simple, but the words “savior” already reflect the important position

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had a surprised

failed and the car crashed into the river. It was Lincoln who saved me. I didn’t mention it

I see.

Nash is not only her

Lincoln Nash and thanked: “Mr. Nash,

just did a little

your thanks.”

This deja vu?

you is what I have to do. As for whether you want this

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how did you talk to

wrist, pulled

just said that there is no rule that a father is a good person, and a daughter must be a good person, so there

not human beings either. You hate Simon, who killed a

can’t implicate Lincoln Nash!”

Simon doesn’t

was speechless, “Dad, it’s not that a

are a

of family? It’s

Zayla: “…”

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