After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 32

After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Damn, Zayla is so beautiful

As soon as they were off the front foot, Zayla asked Scarlet Trevino for the key to the cold storage.

After entering the cold storage, Zayla opened the coffee bean jar and looked at the coffee beans inside.

“Zayla, are you really not leaving?”

Scarlet Trevino just met Zayla, and she was really reluctant to leave her, but when she thought of the difficult Cash, she was a little worried.

Zayla nodded, “Mom, if you don’t get rid of Cash, it will only cause endless trouble.”

Scarlet Trevino knows her character well, as long as she refuses to leave, it is useless to

say anything.

“Zayla, protect yourself.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I still want to protect you!”

After the words fell, Zayla went to look at the coffee beans on another shelf to confirm that there was no problem with the coffee beans.

“Zayla, what are you doing?” Scarlet Trevino wondered.

“Mom, can’t these coffee beans be sold outside?”

Scarlet Trevino nodded, “The new coffee is about to go on the market. If the old coffee is

sold outside, it will affect the reputation of Shanwu Coffee.”

“Then these coffee beans have been kept in cold storage?”

brews and drinks every

the year of the monkey?” Zayla

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these coffee beans, okay?” Zayla put Scarlet Trevino on

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acted like a baby, the

“Take all you want.”

“But Dad’s side…”

“I’ll settle it.”

Trevino the

Zayla quickly drew up a plan, contacted Linda Mills,

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was amazed at “Theodore’s efficiency, another free

than a day!

the mayor was very supportive and found a few volunteers to

less than two hours, “”Theodore coffee

You can not only

it’s free! Naturally

season, and there was a lot of people. Zayla and several volunteers

old coffee is worse than that of new coffee,

What’s more,

halfway up

mountain, when they reached the the mountain, their throats were already burning with

a free cup of Qingwu coffee, everyone



Mr. Russo’s ex-wife? How did she go to

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is so beautiful! Bye rival,

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