After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 34

After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The Eternal Truth of Matching Men and Women to Work Without Tiring

Stephen Vargas didn’t understand. From his point of view, his father had always been clear about rewards and punishments, but when it came to Zayla, it seemed to be different.

“Who asked her to do this? Isn’t it tired? Isn’t it hard?”

Stephen Vargas suddenly realized, “It turns out that Dad loves Zayla…”

“I didn’t say that!” Theodore categorically denied it, his face was a little bit helpless.

Stephen Vargas did not expose him, and asked with a smile: “Dad, you let me go to the study, what do you want to say?”

“I booked a plane ticket for you, and I will take your sister away tomorrow morning.”

“Dad, Zayla won’t agree.”

“Your sister doesn’t agree, so you have to find a way! Otherwise, why do you need your son?”

Stephen Vargas: ‘

After leaving the study, Stephen Vargas went downstairs.

He saw Scarlet Trevino sitting alone in the living room, looking out anxiously…

Stephen Vargas looked around, but didn’t see Zayla.

“Mom, where’s Zayla?”

“She ran to the coffee garden. It’s raining so much and it’s so dark outside. I’m

worried.” The more Scarlet Trevino spoke, the more anxious she became.

was also nervous, “Mom,

I’ll go

there now.”


“do not worry.”

Vargas immediately left the small coffee bean


Truth of Matching Men and Women to Work

and the signal was affected. Stephen Vargas made several calls to

garden is leaking heavily, and Zayla

at the coffee garden, he quickly ran

a little surprised, “Brother, why

so late,

didn’t think about

that will be used tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It would be a pity if they get soaked and soaked in

settle the score with you!” Stephen Vargas tapped Zayla on the head lightly, and then quickly helped her move

beans are moved to a

quickly spread the tarp on the coffee bean box, ready to fasten all

possibility of

and women match, work

now even if the entire coffee garden is

breathed a sigh of relief, “Brother, it’s a

be able to

at all. If you run

out and gently tugged at the corner


his head helplessly, “There’s nothing we can do about you! Let’s go,

nodded and slid under Stephen Vargas’

and Women to Work Without

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