After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 35

Zayla took a closer look, and it turned out to be Cash?

She has already contacted a private detective to investigate Cash’s various evil deeds, and the evidence will be available soon, which will definitely put him in jail, but she never expected…

He was released so quickly? It seems that there must be a force behind him!

Downpour, lightning and thunder!

Cash moved his fingers, and dozens of men rushed towards them!

Stephen Vargas guards Zayla and fights them!

“Zayla, run!”

Zayla quickly stepped forward to help, and with a side kick, kicked away the man who was trying to attack Stephen Vargas from behind!

At this moment, Cash took out his pistol, pointed it at Zayla, and showed an extremely

perverted smile!

Seeing this, Stephen Vargas quickly grabbed Zayla’ hand and pulled her into his arms!

“Bang -” a loud noise!

The bullet went into Stephen Vargas’ shoulder!

“Brother!” Zayla exclaimed!

quickly supported Stephen

swung again, Stephen Vargas endured the severe pain in his shoulder,

the corner

stick, and punched the man hard in the face, breaking the bridge of his

snatches the stick and throws it backhand

scene, he didn’t have time to pull the trigger, so he

pulled Stephen Vargas


only way for tourists to go down the mountain. The

they are

they could only run

for help, but the signal in the mountains was so bad that


“Follow me!”

the two of

leading his younger

my breath was

rugged and

is too big, and the terrain is complex, two-thirds of


like this, they will not be caught by

my brother

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