Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 26 – The morning came much too quickly, and I tossed in bed debating on if I should simply beg for sleep to take me again.

My dreams had been a mess of confusion and longing. Alpha Asher plagued some of them, while the corpses of Kanyon and Katie plagued the others.

My mind kept switching between lu*tful dreams of Alpha Asher, and horrendous nightmares featuring Tyler and that same sickeningly sweet scent. Going back to sleep might continue my torment, but I wasn’t ready to start the day. The conflicting dreams provided little rest, leaving me tired and a little irritable. I’m sure it didn’t help knowing Alpha Asher was still away. Parts of me I had tucked away for good longed for Alpha Asher.

“We’ll get all the attention in the world when Alpha Asher comes back.” Maya rolled her eyes, “We might even d*e at his hands. Exciting.”

“Oh quit brooding.” I huffed, “You know as well as I do that we have to go to Haze.”

“Of course, for Breyona.” Maya nodded, “But why the h**l do we have to meet up with the strange person that wrote the notes?”

“To find out what they know.” I groaned. “I thought we were on the same page about this.”

“We were.” Maya nodded, “Until I realized all of the ways Alpha Asher could k**l us.”

“I don’t think he’d do that.” I shook my head.

“Well, that makes one of us.” Maya shrugged, “One day you’re going to push him too far, and that day is today.”

“Well, here’s to making our last day on Earth a good one.” I smirked, pulling myself from bed with a sleep moan.

“Your morning humor is impeccable, Lola.” Maya snapped.

“Thank you.” I grinned, “Just wait until I get some coffee in my system, it gets even better.”

I took a quick shower and threw on some clothes. It was only ten in the morning, giving me far too much time to contemplate today’s events.

Grandma already had breakfast steaming in a pan, causing my empty stomach to roar to life. I plopped down at the kitchen table and looked around for my Dad.

“He’s still asleep.” Grandma called out before I could even ask, “Everything’s been taking a toll on him lately.”

I frowned, “I can imagine why.”

“Thing’s will get worse before they get better.” Grandma sighed, “Always does.”

“It’s too early for your infinite wisdom, Grandma.” I smirked at her, digging into the steaming plate of food she placed in front of me.

“It is never too early for my infinite wisdom, thank you very much Lola.” Grandma scolded me whilst handing me a steaming cup of coffee.

“Too early for my brain to process what you could possibly mean.” I chuckled, my mouth full of food.

give yourself a headache.” Grandma snickered,

her the perfect candidate as a witch. It was nearing impossible to hide anything from her, especially when I

when is Alpha Asher returning?” Grandma asked, her

choked on the piece of sausage in my mouth, guzzling some steaming coffee

gone?” I grumbled, sounding much too similar to my

didn’t.” Grandma shrugged, “You just confirmed it

Asher should’nt have trusted

I grumbled, eyeing my

stressed.” Grandma shrugged, “Figured something

I sighed, “I wasn’t

you didn’t tell me anything, dear.” Grandma shrugged, going about cleaning

cares about semantics.” I rolled

anyone.” Grandma continued about her day, “Don’t want you to get

smile making me pale. If she was trying to chase me from the house, she was

knock at the door saved me from Grandma’s knowing eyes. I loudly sighed with relief when

“Bad morning?” Breyona chuckled.

I shook my head, giving Grandma a

pulling me out the front

bother mentioning that I already had some. Grandma was clearly trying to get me to leave the house, which I would

walk to the cafe – as it was pointless

and grabbed him, waiting

for tonight?” I smirked at a somewhat

“Excited.” Breyona nodded, “Petrified.”

I shook my head, a low chuckle coming from

aren’t scared of rejecting

I frowned, shaking my head. “I don’t think there’s a man alive

“Tyler’s alive.” Breyona noted.

one man alive who is that stupid.”

fake gagged, making me

Town was somewhat busy this morning, many people were strolling around without much to do. There was still that air

led out the front door. Two faces from my past approached

been quite busy, Lola.” Ethan chuckled, his voice annoying and

bother turning around, she simply called

shook his head, his hand over his

“Hey, Lola.” Isaac nodded.

heard, he had found his mate over a year ago. I hadn’t a single clue if they stayed together or not. Isaac

I nodded, tight

the past, that didn’t make me friendly with these two. They were the ones to encourage Tyler’s stupid and downright verbally abusive

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