Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 27 – Mason and Breyona were still cackling as we walked over to her place.

I was somewhat reluctant to head back home, fearing what else my Grandma might say. I knew her and Dad were hiding things from me, but I wasn’t quite sure how to get the truth from them. Asking upfront rarely worked in my Dad’s case. He’d simply get defensive and retreat into his bedroom. Grandma would just change the subject, and the topic wasn’t always favorable. The last thing I wanted was for her to change the topic to mine and Alpha Asher’s..interesting relationship.

“Back again?” Miss Shelby poked her head from the kitchen, a smile lighting up her face as she saw Mason and I.

“Brought another friend this time.” Breyona called out over her shoulder, heading to the living room.

Breyona’s house was much larger than my own. While my Dad was the old Beta, he preferred to live modestly. Breyona’s Mom and Dad were just regular pack members, but both had large degree’s from the local college in town. Breyona’s Mom and Dad were both History majors, finding out they were mates in the middle of one of their classes. They bonded and fell in love over their shared infatuation with history. Their degree’s led to two well paying jobs at the college, resulting in their larger than normal house.

Breyona’s living room was basically a library with a couple couches. Bookshelves spanned the walls top to bottom, old and new books gracing the shelves. Framed doc*ments could be seen hanging on the walls, any piece of history they could fit sat inside this house. I swore they had more knowledge here than the local library.

Something crossed my mind, the hushed conversation between my Dad and Grandma. Not much was known about Vampires, but if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be Breyona’s Mom and Dad.

“Miss Shelby?” I called out, wondering if she had any texts on Vampires.

It was so hard to find accurate information on Vampires and Werewolves now-a-days. In the times where movies, novel’s and social media dictated much of what we do, true information was scarce. One could simply do a G****e search and learn all about vampires, but 99% of the information would be false. I wasn’t very educated myself, but I was fairly certain Vampires didn’t sparkle in the sunlight.

“One second, hon.” Miss Shelby called out, stumbling into the living room with a tray of snacks. Breyona scrunched her nose, her eyes flickering to Mason and I in contempt.

Breyona’s Mom was not a good cook by any standards, but that didn’t keep her from trying. Often Breyona would simply order take-out for her Mom and Dad, refusing to eat any of their cooking. Breyona glanced at Mason and shot me a devious grin to which I caught on instantly.

Miss Shelby placed the tray in front of us, the food on it oozing suspiciously. It looked like peanut butter and cuc*mber sandwiches maybe? But then what was that burnt orange stuff running off?

grinned at Miss Shelby, “Thanks.” He said with a smile before plopping one of the miniature sandwiches

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Vampires?” I tried to keep

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over to one of the many crowded book shelves. “Kids these days–Never getting a real education. Sparkles! Can you believe it? Who comes up

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