Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 34 – “You belong to us.”

His voice sent desire rushing through me, igniting a fire between my legs. I couldn’t help it when my thighs clenched together, trying to alleviate some of the pressure. Alpha Asher didn’t miss a single thing. His blackened eyes flickered from my flushed face to my clenched thighs, a low growl leaving his lips.

“It’s time you remembered that.” Alpha Asher snarled, lunging at me.

My instincts kicked in as I watched this rage filled Alpha charge at me. I tried jumping to the side, but Alpha Asher’s rage made him faster and much stronger. I was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of flour. A low grunt left my mouth as my stomach came in contact with his shoulder.

The fire between my legs was burning out of control now, potential punishments running through my head. My defiance and will power remained stronger than ever. While there was little chance I’d manage to escape Alpha Asher, I’d never come quietly.

I thrashed on his shoulder, flailing my legs and pounding my fists against his back.

“I don’t belong to anyone.” I snapped, my small fist bouncing against his chiseled back. I could feel his hardened muscles under my fists, making it harder to concentrate. “Thick headed, angry Alpha.” I grunted.

A loud clap sound filled the room, and a stinging pain radiated up my backside. Alpha Asher raised his hand and slapped my bottom again. The stinging pain continued, but it only stoked the blazing fire between my legs. My bottom was right by his face, and I was nearly positive he could smell my arousal.

“The more you fight me, the longer this will take.” Alpha Asher snarled, yanking my bedroom door open.

He stalked across the hall, flinging open his bedroom doors. I had to take a moment to look around, my eyes wide in wonder.

Alpha Asher’s room was much nicer than my own. While the color scheme throughout the house was white and other cream tones, Alpha Asher’s bedroom was almost entirely black.

A black four poster bed sat off in the middle of the room, black carpets and drapes to match. Alpha Asher had an entire bar at his disposal, nestled in the corner of the room. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized this was Tyler’s old room. The differences between Tyler and Alpha Asher were staggering, and I wondered how I ever fell for Tyler in the first place.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” I hissed.

A loud whimper left my lips when Alpha Asher raised his hand and assaulted my bottom. The pain mingled with pleasure and stoked the raging inferno between my legs. I could feel my wetness as I clenched my thighs together. I hoped the smell of my arousal would keep Alpha Asher from actually murdering me.

“Quiet.” Alpha Asher snarled, tossing me down on his bed. “Save your voice, you’re going to need it when I have you screaming.”

I visibly clenched my legs together as I sat in the middle of Alpha Asher’s bed. His musky scent swirled on the blankets invitingly, urging me to give up my fight and let Alpha Asher have his way.

I wanted to be a good girl for him; I really did, but he made it so hard. The irritation at my disobedience was incredibly alluring, and I couldn’t help but be so defiant.

I watched in stunned silence as Alpha Asher removed the belt he was wearing, holding the thick material between his fingers. His eyes never once left my own.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Alpha Asher’s voice was deadly calm, his fury was contained for the moment but still there in the front of his mind.

My mouth flopped open, the blood rushing to my face.

Maya groaned, her voice nearly making me

that’s what he has in mind.” I murmured, embarrassment flooding

fully, I never truly thought’ve what I would do

myself further away from Alpha Asher. My face was reddening as I realized what I had gotten myself into. It wasn’t like I knew one word would send Alpha Asher into a Lola-obsessed

get on your knees.” Alpha Asher smirked

learned we

sorts of images into my mind. My pu**y throbbed in response,

you then.” Alpha

back at him, unable to do much else. My

glared up at him menacingly, but my eyes burned with arousal. I refused to look at the growing bulge in his pants, resisting the strong

and something almost soft ran across his gaze as he glided his thumb along my bottom

was no longer a rage-filled growl,

his hardened c**k and tossed his underwear to the side. My eyes were glued to it instantly, realizing what was about to go in

was long and thick, the girth alone would probably split

hands reached around to the back of my head, tangling

head of his c**k glide into my mouth. “Now wrap

said, shivering as a low moan left his mouth. His c*k slid inside my mouth, and I tried to accommodate for his thickness. His pace was slow for a few thrusts, his hand guiding the back of my head. When I looked up at him, Alpha Asher’s eyes

on the back of my head tightened, as he tugged my hair. His pace went from slow to unforgiving in the blink of an eye. My eyes widened and my throat constricted as his ck slammed in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t help but gag and

Alpha Asher growled huskily. A low moan came from

Alpha Asher murmured, his dark eyes locked on my own.

widened at his words, yet my body begged for more. Alpha Asher continued thrusting into my mouth, his husky moans burned into my mind. I had never thought something like this could turn me on, but Alpha Asher nearly had me

Alpha Asher growled, giving my hair a hard tug. A whimper vibrated my lips at the sensation, my hand moving between my own legs. The pressure in my pu**y was nearing painful,

but a cruel smirk formed on

f**king my face, and I placed my

my mouth. Warm liquid splashed against my tongue, Asher’s rough

and awe ran over his face as he watched me s*****w his cm. His hand

smirked down at


down in my ear, shivering from the feel of his breath against my skin. “I make the

back onto the bed, and pulled me towards the headboard. I suked in a sharp breath as Alpha Asher hooked his belt to the

of me, my heart hammering at the short distance between us. His torso forced my

sound filled the room, followed by the rush of cool air. I looked down in embarrassment as Alpha Asher tossed my shredded tank-top to the side. His black gaze ran down my b**e

his burning gaze roaming every inch of my skin, his eyes

lips could trail down the length of my neck. His teeth nipped at my

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