Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 35 – Little to no sunlight streamed through the black c******s, making me wonder if it was still dark outside.

It took a few moments for my brain to clear of the morning fogginess, then I remembered the night I had. An irritating soreness radiated from in between my legs as I shifted in bed.

Alpha Asher had let me sleep in his bed. I half expected him to toss me in my room and call it a night. Every revealing position Alpha Asher had put me in sent a hot blush rushing to my cheeks. He had used everything at his disposal to bring me orgm after orgm , well everything except for the one body part I wanted. Despite my post-orgm whimpers, Alpha Asher refused to fk me.

My head whipped around as someone sat up from the bed. Alpha Asher had stayed the night with me, sharing his personal bed. Maya was practically shaking for joy, and I was too until I realized I was nak*d.

My eyes flitted around at the scraps of clothing on the floor; my clothing. There was no way I planned on running back to my bedroom nak*d. Something of Alpha Asher’s would have to do.

Alpha Asher sat on the edge of the bed, his muscular back facing me. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, giving me a good view of the long scar that ran down his back. Rippling muscles coupled with the jagged scar had the sensitive area between my legs throbbing.

Clutching the blanket to my chest, I stumbled from the bed. My legs felt like jello, numb from the night I had. Alpha Asher turned, looking at me sideways. His eyes darkened as he took in my flushed state, my hair messy from sleep.

“Good morning, Lola.” His voice was raspy, still thick with sleep. A wicked smirk formed on his face, one that had me thinking about last nights events.

Alpha Asher stood from the bed, stepping on the blanket I had draped around my body. His large hands grasped the blanket and pulled, tearing it from my body. Cool air rushed against my heated skin, and my arms snapped up to cover my exposed bre*sts.

“Do not hide yourself from me, Lola.” Alpha Asher growled, wrapping his hands around my wrists and pushing them to my sides. “I won’t tell you again.”

Blush crawled up to my face as Alpha Asher’s dark eyes roamed my b**e chest. Softly, he lifted a finger and traced the deep purple marks he had left on my skin.

“Who do you belong to?” Alpha Asher growled, his eyes dancing with amusement.

I knew if I stated my mind, he’d never let me leave this bedroom. My lady bits might fall off if I’m forced through another dozen org**m s. Instead of being defiant, I somehow managed to s*****w my pride.

“Yours.” My voice still had that disobedient edge to it, one that made Alpha Asher’s smirk deepen.

“Good girl.” Alpha Asher murmured, pressing his face against my hair and inhaling deeply.

have work to do.” Alpha Asher murmured, “Don’t

his closet. I grabbed a simple black t-shirt, inhaling deeply at his scent.

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Devin.” I stammered, “He’s

Beta Devin nodded, his lips twitching. “I think I’ll come

I shook my head, toying with the shirt that

“I’d never assume such

Devin’s deep laughter rumbling down the hall. I inwardly cringed with embarrassment, hoping Beta

figured I’d walk back to my old house. There were a few odds and ends I wanted to bring back to the pack house. After slipping on some jeans and a blouse, I grabbed

scarce except for a few servants and the maid. I slipped out the front door and began walking down

hesitated at the front door, wondering if I now needed to knock. Just as my hand wrapped around the door k**b,

Grandma shouted at my Dad who sat at the kitchen table. “Would it k**l

his eyebrow at Grandma and grumbled something unintelligible, his face lighting up when he saw me standing

than he’s been in weeks. “Already getting on Alpha

between my legs a constant reminder of Alpha Asher’s touch. “You know I’d never antagonize him on

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