Chapter 1255

Olivia had slapped Wayne twice in the span of a few days.

He sat up and stared at her coldly. ‘ Do you have a death wish, Ophelia?" "You're the one looking at places you shouldn't be looking at!" "You're the one wearing that dress!"

Olivia was furious. She picked up one of his shirts and wore it. She covered herself up completely.

Then, she smacked him on the head and said, "Lie down. I'll start the acupuncture treatment. I'll poke you to death if your eyes wander to places they shouldn't!" "Why don't you give that a try? I'll kill you first!"

The atmosphere became awkward. Neither of them spoke. Wayne suddenly came to his senses. What was he doing?

This woman was already married with kids. Why would he be interested in a married woman?

Olivia completed the treatment in silence. Wayne sat up with the support of one arm. He turned his neck slowly to make cracking sounds.

"I used to have headaches every other day. I haven't had a headache since you started your treatment. You're quite skilled."

Olivia rolled her eyes at him. "I'll give you a prescription tomorrow. Have your people get the listed medication for you. It'll be able to sort out the internal damage you've suffered.

months for that to completely heal you. I'll leave when that's done. You must not stop me from leaving then."

my room," Olivia said

left. He had been going to sleep while smelling Olivia's unique scent for the past few days. He wasn't able to

her door open just as she was

the middle of the night. It was obvious that Wayne was

loss for words. Fortunately, she was well-prepared and

eyes and looked at him unhappily. "Why

blanket and a pillow. He lay down

know what to say. Wayne was just completely insane. She turned around

he smelled Olivia's scent. Her scent was like the perfect sleeping

dawn and was about to leave. Then, he noticed that Olivia was

sudden, he felt upset. He was so busy every day, but she was able

decided to give her something to do.

he stood by her bed


have a bit of a temper if they were woken up so

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