Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 26 – Were they seeing things or dreaming?

Why was Tyson Woods-the business mogul so respectful to this useless live-in son-in-law at this moment? His attitude was as if he was seeing his father.

How was this useless b*stard capable of that?

Many people could not help pinching themselves. They must be dreaming! It had to be that!

Mandy was also stunned. Her worry from the beginning had turned into a complete shock. How could this happen?

Tyson did not care about the attitude of the people in the Zimmer family at all. At this moment, he had done it all except getting down on his knees. He then whispered, “I didn’t know that it was you. I would have never come if I know it’s you. Please… don’t get angry…”

have to come forward for this little mess. How have you fallen

because this b*stard did help me to invest in some stocks…” Tyson did not dare to

and said calmly, “He has gone bankrupt now. Well, you

after he finished his words. Tyson had no progress. Harvey was a little disappointed in him and did


face turned pale, and this business mogul

had already started deploying in all parts of

seemed that Tyson was doing quite well in his field, he knew that he was just a lackey in front

to talk nonsense. If he keeps quiet, it means that he’s

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