Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 27 – Tyson slapped Don on the face and said coldly, “Don’t you know why I ordered them to hit you? Don’t you know who Harvey is? How dare you offend him?”

“He… isn’t he the useless live-in son-in-law of the Zimmer family?”

At this moment, Don regretted it so much that he was about to vomit blood. The person he called had beaten him up like this, and it was because of this b*stard-Harvey. He did not understand!

“Live-in son-in-law?” Tyson sneered. Just when he was about to disclose Harvey’s identity, he happened to see Harvey casually glancing at him.

He subconsciously shuddered and cursed. “I’m asking you, have you gone bankrupt? Then does it mean that the five million that I had given you are gone?”

The Zimmer family did not dare to persuade him. At this moment, all of them were shocked, especially Senior Zimmer. His expression slightly changed when they heard Tyson’s words.

and said, “Brother Tyson…did you just say that Mr.

dared not be disrespectful in front of

eyes. This stupid old man honestly did not know about Sir’s identity. Sir had already stated that Don had gone bust. How

Tyson was afraid to disclose Harvey’s identity at this moment. Instead, he grabbed Don’s neck and said coldly, “Say it yourself. If you are caught lying about

I didn’t mean it. I’m broke, but I will

manage to give me five million by then, I will chop off one of your hands!” Tyson sneered. He then slapped Don

those subordinates left the Zimmer Villa with a c***h. No one saw that Tyson was d***g to run faster at this moment. He would have k****d Don if there were not so

tremblingly with a look full of resentment

Someone suddenly said after a while, “I see. Mr. Woods had known about Don’s

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