Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 28 – “Mr. Xander, can you please explain? I have just asked someone to check it. Your cheque couldn’t be cashed.”

At this moment, Senior Zimmer hung up the phone and walked out. He waved his hand and smashed the cheque onto Don’s face coldly.

He initially thought that he had already obtained the working capital which was about ten million dollars. Unexpectedly, Tyson’s words awakened him just now. He quickly asked someone to inquire about it. Only then, he knew about the truth.

Senior Zimmer hated Don so much right now because he cared about his face the most in his life. His choice-Don had gone bust and was a useless person. How could he face those people…

Don wiped the blood on his face and smiled reluctantly, “Senior Zimmer, don’t you forget, I’m still working at York Enterprise. Even if I have gone bankrupt, I could still rise again any minute…”

Senior Zimmer unconsciously frowned as soon as he said this. Don was threatening him!

The Yorks-the top family in South Light, was the one behind York Enterprise. Even the first-class family dared not provoke them. Their dog was also more aggressive out there than the ordinary people.

It was not difficult for Don to rise again since he had this powerful family backing him.

Sure enough, Senior Zimmer did not know that Don had been kicked out from York Enterprise, or else, he would not have to fear him.

wait until the ten million dollars are really in my hands, then only we will consider your marriage proposal again.” Senior Zimmer looked at Don deeply.

out to be a poor man, and he still dared to act

him. I also wanted to mess

he’s still the dog of the Yorks after all. We can’t

at the people of the Zimmer family who had addressed him as Mr.

was not paying attention, he suddenly grabbed the knife on the table and rushed into the crowd. He then grabbed Mandy and

and her beautiful face was pale. How could a

the attention of the audience. He then stared coldly at Senior Zimmer. “Old man, who gave you the right to slap me? You’re just the master of a second-class family.

looked sullen. He never thought that the

slightly frowned at this moment and said, “Mr. Xander, let her go before it’s too late. You’re young. You still have the chance to make a comeback. Why

me tell you, my future is long gone! I have been dismissed by York Enterprise just now!

the Heart of Prague?” Mandy was shocked. “How can

I’m not stupid! Why would I buy you such an expensive brooch? Do you truly think

was the

Don. However, he was still holding the knife to her throat. She did not dare to move at all. At this time, she was biting her lips and it

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