Chapter 33 

It was obvious that Veronica was avoiding questions about Matthew.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to pursue it,

Everyone had their own secrets.

Xavier finished peeling the apple and handed it to Veronica. “Here. Eat it.”

“Huh? It’s for me?”


Veronica was quite surprised by his actions. When she saw him peeling the apple just now, she thought he was doing it for himself.

After all, Xavier was known for being a famous playboy in Bloomstead. He never knew how to be tender toward women.


Yet, he actually peeled an apple for her today.


“Hahaha. No, no, it’s okay. I don’t want to eat it.” Veronica quickly waved her hand and refused.

“This is my first time peeling a fruit for a woman, yet you dare to refuse?”

Xavier’s face sank, and his posture undoubtedly changed too.

He seemed to be sayingIf you dare to refuse what give youwatch out fothe consequences

Veronica was a little touched. She accepted the apple and took a bite, then said while chewing, “Thank you.”

In Bloomstead, she was a stranger in a strange place.

Her real family was her ‘enemy’, but someone who had nothing to do with her was willing to stay by her side.

It was hard for Veronica to not feel moved by this.

The two fell silent for a while, then Veronica began to shoo him out. “If there’s


a wicked smile played on his lips. “Roni, you’re somewhat ignorant of kindness. I’m a person who’s occupied with a myriad of affairs. You should be grateful lhat I’m here


hold back ber laughter. “Alright, alright. Since you’re so occupied with a myriad of allairs, you should hurry up and deal with them. I can’t afford to be


settle for someone like me? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get bored of me after just

to heart, and she even joked about it with him, seemingly in a good

complexion was dark and her face was full of

surprise, Xavier still regarded her as a

statements got a


noon, Xavier ordered a plain, healthy meal as takeaway

Restaurant’s food over, Veronica

is too expensive. It’s hard to get even one meal at One Piece Restaurant, but you actually ordered takeaway. I don’t have the money to return

always kept in mind that she was just a

with her, she couldn’t just accept it and enjoy it unscrupulously because she couldn’t afford

own shares of One Piece, so don’t worry. If you like it, I’ll ask someone to send it to you

Veronica was dumbfounded.

enough, the

have you as a friend. However, although One Piece’s food is

gave him an

any more food for her. Otherwise, she truly wouldn’t be able to pay off


Veronica until the

meals to Veronica’s adoptive mother. He made up an excuse, saying that Veronica’s company arranged for her to go to a foreign country for training, and that she would be back in

knew that her daughter was a filial

Floch immediately notified Tiffany and

was ecstatic to learn of this, with the happiest person being Tiffany. She hugged Rachel

had contacted the delivery app merchant in advance, and she spent a huge sum to bribe the internal programmer

she bribed the

with the takeaway and happened

scene, which would anger the Kings and lead them to deal

that she could remain so

composed than we thought, so you have to have your guard up in the future,” Rachel reminded

engaged but weren’t living together

you’re too cautious. Since Veronica dared to take medicine to commit suicide’ last night, how could she be

reason, Tiffany just couldn’t stand hearing Rachel praise Veronica, and she would get annoyed every single

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