Chapter 34

When Veronica, who was resting on the boil, saw Elizabeth, she immediatcly sat up. “Old Mrs. Kings.”

Out of courtesy, Veronica still called her ‘Old Mrs. Kings:

Naturally, Veronica knew deep down that Matthew and Tiffany could get engaged because they had gotten Elizabeth’s consent.

When she was pregnant, Elizabeth never allowed Tiffany to enter the Kings Residence, but at this moment, things weren’t as they should be.

Veronica didn’t know whether it was because Elizabeth couldn’t convince Matthew, or if she was two-faced.


Elizabeth was dressed in a black velvet dress. Despite being over 70 years old, with short curly hair and light makeup, she still had an outstanding temperament.

She walked to her bedside and looked at the frail Veronica. Although she was a little distressed, she was also dissatisfied. “Even though Matthew is engaged to Tiffany, you shouldn’t have gotten rid of your child this way.”


The child in her womb was the great-grandson of the Kings Family, and Elizabeth had been looking forward to it for many years.

It took a lot of effort for them to have a child; no one thought that in the end, it was futile.

Although Veronica liked Elizabeth, she was undoubtedly upset when she heard the statement.

With pale lips, she leaned against the head of the bed. The corners of her lips curled up, and she smiled coldly. “Old Mrs. Kings you think that I should have given birth to the child?”

Veronica never considered herself to be a reproduction tool.

Although in order to find out the truth behind the car accident and to treat her adoptive father, she could use the child in her womb as a ‘sacrifice’, she knew that the Kings Family would never treat the child in her abdomen badly.

But, who would’ve thought that Matthew would end up getting engaged to Tiffany!

She absolutely couldn’t accept leuing her child call Tiffany ‘mom’ after it was born!


but she couldn’t help sighing. “Sigh, although I’m upset that you got rid of the child, I sort of understand you. You’re a good girl-much better than Tiffany. But, I’m getting old, so I can’t make decisions about marriage matters anymore.

Elizabeth said earlier made Veronica feel a little unhappy, but since Elizabeth was willing to voice it all out, Veronica did indeed seel slightly at

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her, feeling puzzled. “So many women want to marry into the Kings Family. You’re the first one

stayed at the Kings Residence

those three days, Elizabeth originally wanted Veronica to conceive the eldest grandson of the Kings Family, but she didn’t expect that spending time together those three

the housekeeper behind her, who then

are tight, and you even have to treat your parents. This money can be

Matthew sleeping together was a mistake, at the end of the day,

but there was no getting it back. Even if she was angry with Veronica,

outsider who only

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punish her; she didn’t expect that she had come to make it

Mrs. Kings, uyi IT POUI, TUUL…

Elizabeth. “You should take it back. I won’t use

“Is it too little?”

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I no longer have any involvement with the Kings Family Hence, there’s no need for me

mean ‘favors’? It’s just a little compensation. If you don’t accept it, I

accept it, I would be the

Kings, I’m very happy that you came to see me today, but… I’m a little tired and want

asking her to

to sever


quite helpless, so she could only nod her head and agree. “Okay, then.

the housekeeper came

exhorted solemnly. “Since you’ve suffered from a


Elizabeth’s questioning’ since she came in just now to her current concern, Veronica felt as if she was on a roller

at least she knew that Elizabeth was

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