Chapter 35

“No.” Veronica directly refused.

Xavier had helped her a lot recently, so she didn’t want to owe him anything more.

“Why? Is it because you look down on my abilities?”

As Xavier spoke, he opened the car door and was about to put her luggage inside, but Veronica grabbed him.

“What’s the matter?”


Confused by her actions, Xavier gave her a puzzled look.

Veronica took the luggage from his hand, then said with a solemn expression, “Xavier, you and I are just ordinary friends. I’m very grateful and appreciative of the care you’ve given me recently. After my dad wakes up, our family will leave Bloomstead. I already owe you so much that I would never be able to repay it. So, I really don’t want to trouble you anymore.”


Even if her adoptive parents recovered and were discharged from the hospital, Veronica wasn’t going to leave Bloomstead so soon.

It was just that she didn’t want to owe Xavier more and more.

In terms of wealth or power, she was insignificant, so how could she offer any help to Xavier?

In the end, Xavier would be the one constantly giving favors.

As friends, it was about helping each other, not about one party constantly giving a helping hand.

Such friendships were destined to not last long.

Hence, she was trying to stop Xavier before he suffered any losses.

For a moment, Xavier was taken aback, and he didn’t understand what her sudden remarks meant.

When he saw Veronica leaving with her luggage, he chased after her and grabbed her hand. “Do you hate me just like those people do?”

Xavier was well-known for being a playboy and a disappointment in Bloomstead; he was the object’ that the upper class ridiculed and disdained.

But, Xavier never cared about their ridicule and contempt, and still did as he pleased.

was mediocre-looking, she wasn’t two-faced. On the contrary, he

became more and more convinced that Veronica was very similar to him, so he regarded her


stunned, and she looked back at

“I… didn’t mean that.”

now, for just a moment, she seemed to feel

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in my company because I find you interesting. I want you to accompany me so that


Veronica was dubious.

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sending Veronica home, Xavier received a phone call and left because he had business

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“Mom, what’s the matter?”


with excitement, and her


hurriedly went downstairs and

the motorcycle outside the hospital and jogged all the way to the

adoptive parents were sitting together


into the ward and excitedly hugged Tony. “Dad, you’re awake.


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to push Veronica away,

man. Can’t you recognize our daughter’s

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