Chapter 12: Merry Christmas 

Christmas Eve was peaceful. The slow outside was falling so slowly and soundlessly it felt like being inside a snow globe. I had added my presents for the triplets under the tree I had used the credit card they gave me to buy them. I also begrudgingly bought presents for their parents out of respect. The Triplets grandparents visited us. Their paternal grandparents were notorious snobs and they had never liked me. They were scarcely able to hide their horror at me being the triplet’s mate. Their paternal grandparents mostly just ignored me 

The triplets insisted that I slept in their room that night. According to Calix “waking up to me was the greatest gift”. He was so dramatic but his lines never ceased to amaze me.

I snuggled up to Alex. Felix was behind me. Calix was on Alex’s other side. I could not believe Thad kissed all three of them. I wondered if they had told each other about that. Since my first kiss with each of them, I had been keeping my distance a little out of sheer shyness. Now, I was enjoying their body heat.

“Do I get a goodnight kiss?” Whispered Felix in my ear. 

I turned around to face him. The Alpha kissed me, relishing the moment, wrapping his arms around me tightly. He nipped my lower lip, making me gasp and granting his tongue access to my mouth. I moaned as he climbed on top of me and settled himself be against me all the while never breaking the kiss. His hands rubbed my sides, squeezed my waist and finally tangled in my hair lifting my head closer to his. I pulled away, breathless and Felix grinned

“You were very much worth the wait, Baby,” he whispered, still on top of me, nose to nose. I smiled. I had found out they were my mates on our birthday on November 11th but i had not kissed them properly until late December. I started to feel sleepy. Felix spooned me. I felt so warm and comfortable. He was whispering to me as I drifted off to sleep, telling me I was beautiful, that he loved me, that his brothers loved me, that he could not wait for me to bear his mark and his heir. I did not hear the rest. Sleep embraced me. 

I woke up to find that the Triplets were already awake but lying in bed talking, waiting for me to wake up

“You guys never wake up early,” I said sleepily. “Except on Christmas Day, sleeping beauty,” said Calix. 

Alex kissed me, his lips moving gently against mine. He sucked on my bottom lip and nibbled it. It felt so good. He pulled away and smirked at me. Before I could move in for another kiss, Calix hopped over and pressed his lips to mine with an urgency I was not expecting, lighting a fire in my lower belly. I was breathless when he was done. Felix pulled me to him, kissing me eagerly and tangling his hands in my hair. While we kissed, I felt Alex‘s mouth on my neck, planting hot open mouthed kisses down to my shoulder. He nipped my shoulder making me squeal which granted Felix‘s tongue entry to my mouth. Calix‘s and Alex‘s hands were now both roaming my body, squeezing my most tender areas. Felix broke the kiss and pushed me down flat onto my 

Chapter 12 Merry Christmas back in the middle of the bed. Three pairs of hands were now caressing me. My wolf thought it was a Merry Christmas indeed. The triplets did not undress me. They knew I was not ready for that but they massaged every part of me they could reach. Felix was kneading my breasts while Alex was squeezing my thighs and my butt and Calix rubbed my sides and my core through the thin fabric of my pyjamas. My underwear was soaked in no time. I was panting. 

“Merry Christmas, Baby,” said Felix huskily, reaching down nibbling my lower lip. “Merry Christmas, Chasity,” said Calix as licked and nipped at my ear. “Merry Christmas, Luna,” said Alex raising my top and planting kisses on my tummy.

Igiggled but quickly stopped in case it made their wolves go crazy. They were looking at me hungrily. I quickly extricated myself from them before things got out of hand. They followed me to the living room. Their parents were already up, holding their mugs, and cuddling together. I was immediately transported back to Christmases of the past and how horrible and alone I had felt while the family showered each other with love and I cooked and cleaned. No one used to even say “Merry Christmas” to me let alone gift me anything. My first Christmas with them at age nine when I had not known any better, I had made gifts for the triplets in arts and crafts at school: little paper dolls. The Triplets had cast them into the fireplace. 

I stopped dead in my tracks. The fireplace was ablaze. Felix immediately pulled me to him, sensing I was tense.

“Mmm, Baby, talk to me,” he said, tightening his arms around me. “Chasity!” Called Alex, gripping my chin and trying to make me look at him. 

Look at me when Im talking to you!Demanded a sixteen year old Alex on Christmas morning

Thad overslept, crying myself to sleep, dreading another awful Christmas where I felt unwanted. I missed my parents. They had been junkies but they had always tried to surprise me with things. They had been like children themselves and the three of us would have fun and laugh when they were not too high to notice me

“Are you even listening to us?Asked Felix, grabbing my hand. Thad not made breakfast yet and the triplets were already done opening their gifts

Whats the point of you being here if youre not going to work off your debts?Asked the Luna. Its almost noon and no breakfast!She rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen to make it herself

Felix pulled me by my hand out into the snow. I remembered when they had dipped me in the ice-water. I started to scream and struggle against him, fearing a repeat of that

Ugh, Im not going to do anything to you. Im just putting you out of the house! If youre not gonna earn your keep then maybe youd rather be out here,snarled Felix

Felix released my hand and went back inside shutting the door on a thirteenyearold me. / hugged myself, shivering in the biting cold. Alex glanced at me from a window then shut the window. I thought I would be out there forever. Im not sure how long had passed but I was leaning against the house in a nook trying to stay warm. If I were human / would have been hypothermic by now

There you are!” 

Chapter 12 Merry Christmas 

I flinched and looked up. It was Calix 

Look, hurry up, my brothers are napping after lunch. Go to your room and lock the door,said the youngest triplet 

Calix led me inside, tiptoeing. He waved his hands in the air. I made a run for my room and was relieved to hide there for the rest of the day

his hands in the air, snapping

myself at him like he was a raft in the middle of a treacherous sea I clung to

“Little Luna, don’t cry, I can’t take it,” said Alex softly, running his

whimpered, shrinking against Calix. Calix lifted me into his arms

No one is going to hurt you. Ever ok! I‘m

is she mad at us all of a sudden?” Felix said. My wolf whimpered at the pain in his voice. She wanted Felix. She always wanted

we do? Everything was fine,” Alex asked, sounding broken. My wolf whined, wanting to

just now. You seemed into it. We‘re sorry,” said Felix. “It‘s not that. Calix was there just now too but she wants him,” Alex said softly. “Calix, take me

needed him so badly all of a sudden. I straddled him. He raised his eyebrows. Maybe I could separate him from the other two. He was the easiest to forgive and my heart and mind were too fragile

Calix. He groaned. He seemed reluctant but he

he murmured. “Fuck.”

with me with on his lap and straddling him. He thrusted against me although we were still clothed. He kissed

He broke away.

going through your head, please. Why are you mad at Felix and Alex? Do you just want us one at

just want one only?”


S Borus 

Chapter 12: Merry Christmas

“Huh,” he said. 

if I only want you and we forget about your brothers?” I asked, instantly remorseful. I could not believe I just said that

looked conflicted. “You‘re my mate, Chasity, my Luna. I was built to do anything for you once the mate bond hit the day you came of age. I would do whatever you asked of me and so would Alex and Felix. I don‘t have it in me to deny you but that would break my brothers. We‘re

more alone time, as much as you need,” he

my brothers forever,” he said. “That‘s a request, not an order. I can’t order you. You’re

He would let me have my time with him but he would

mind,” I said. “Please, please, tell me what you‘re thinking,” he said. “You thinking about the


and I knew it was not lust. He was

the S**t out of me just don‘t ignore me,” called Felix from the other side of the door.

wolf wagged her tail but I quickly

nothing. Maybe this is my karma. I’ve never even given that a second thought but every night I think about you. Every single day you spent here. Every time you cried. Everything that was denied you and my heart breaks all over again. You break my heart every night, Chasity, and you mend it every morning. It beats only

It was the first time Alex had said he loved me. Felix had been saying it since the day after my birthday. I opened the door. Alex literally got down

do this, Baby, with a

Alex to Felix‘s chagrin. The eldest Alpha stood up and lifted me easily. I wrapped my legs around him, my hands on his face. He crashed his lips to mine, kissing me like he had not seen me in years.

gonna tell me that you hate me again?” Said the fiercest of the Alphas. I did not. I never did

brushing my nose against his.


Merry Christmas

me, but you‘re not going anywhere. If you leave, I‘ll follow you. If you hide, I‘ll find you. I‘m

one. You‘re the most important fight of my life,” said the Alpha,

from Felix only for Alex to claim my lips again. He brought me to him, making me straddle him as he kneeled on the bed. I felt heat all around me. All the Triplets were pressed against me. Calix pulled me from the eldest Alpha, pushing me down gently onto my back. He settled himself between my legs as his lips coaxed mine open so his tongue could caress mine. I tangled my fingers in Calix‘s hair, sighing happily




presents then, Baby?” Asked Felix.

nibbled on my ears and rubbed my shoulders while I opened one of the gifts from the triplets. It

come after you if you run off but you should be able to get around if

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