Chapter 13: Bikini Babe

Warning. Adult themes Chapter 13: Bikini Babe

I took a deep breath as I looked at the floor–length mirror in the dressing room of Fierce Bikini Babe, a store at the pack‘s mall. I had wanted a one piece or a tankini but the triplets begged to see me in a bikini. It was a high–waisted baby blue bikini. I looked good. It suited me. I tried to push all the times Felix had called me fat out of my mind as I walked slowly out of the dressing room to face my eager mates.

Their faces lit up. Felix growled playfully. Alex blew a kiss like he was a chef saying’ bravissimo! Calix had gotten a piece of paper with a ten written on it. He held it up. I giggled and blushed which set Felix off.

*Careful or you won’t be wearing even that much longer,” warned Felix cheekily.

They wanted to see almost every colour of bikini and they had over–the–top reactions to each. They saw me in red, hot pink, baby pink, yellow, black, white, silver and gold. They bought every single one. I insisted on getting some cover-ups.

“You don’t need cover-ups,” grumbled Felix. “That‘s what towels and blankets are for. That and wiping you off. You’re gonna be all wet...and sticky.” 

“Felix!” Warned Alex sternly.

Felix seemed to be certain that I would lose my virginity on this trip. He always talked like that but he had turned up the heat recently. Ever since I started kissing my mates, things were getting heated just as I‘d predicted. This was what I had been afraid of willingly leaving my room all the time and seeking out a particular triplet so we could make out. Calix was sweet and gentle, taking his time with me. Felix was hot and heavy, his rough hands working me into a frenzy. Alex was passionate and methodical, taking me a little further every time I sought him out. I could tell they were anxious for the trip. They were suddenly frustrated again. I was too inexperienced to know exactly why. I had a general idea but I was not entirely sure I understood. Felix was the first to be blunt with me one night when Alex and Calix walked in

nd promptly got in on the action. I stopped them from taking my night gown off despite the fabric being bunched up around my waist with my underwear and bare legs visible. Felix groaned in frustration. 

“We want to make you c*m, Baby!” He growled. “We want to hear your screams and see how your face looks when you have an orgasm.”

I was trembling. I had had orgasms before. I had touched myself before but those climaxes were feeble. The pressure I felt inside my body when the triplets started to get S****| with me was

so intense I was afraid of its release. I had heard of girls with multiple mates passing out because their orgasms were so intense. Mina’s cousin was the mate of identical twins and she had spared me none of the dirty details, saying the twins insisted on both being inside of her at the same time and thrusting until she squirted. She said her cousin was the happiest girl she knew but I was nervous. I had three mates. Just one of their huge members was enough to make

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Chapter 13: Bikini Babe me clamp my legs shut. On our trip, would they all push inside of me? Could I handle that? I felt faint just thinking about it but the animalistic side of me wanted that badly 

Thad just finished packing for the trip, zipping my new baby blue suitcase up. Alex came into my room to get my suitcase and carry it to the car. Romeo was dropping his sons and me to the airport. I sat in the backseat between Alex and Calix. Felix was in the passenger seat. The triplets had already said goodbye to their mother, each hugging her and kissing her cheek. She had nodded stiffly to me as a goodbye. It still bothered me how strained the relationship was between me and the Luna. The former Alpha was seemingly indifferent towards me. The triplets bear hugged their Dad goodbye at the airport and he also nodded as a goodbye to me. I was so excited to leave the pack house and all its dreary memories that I did not care if my mates’ parents disliked me.

Third Person

a chance to go over their plan. They were sitting waiting for her in a diner in

away on vacation to a totally different climate, tropical, sunny, will bring out

think she‘ll relax

this vacation. The timing would be great. If she goes into heat at the pack house,

be frisky, with or without going into heat,” said Calix, chuckling. “Also we need to find out what her main worries

always calling

we don‘t go all the way, I‘d just like to

Chasity’s POV

waiting for me in a booth at the airport‘s diner. I grinned and pecked each of them on the lips. Felix was last and followed the peck up with a proper lingering kiss. The pancakes were so light, fluffy and sweet, I was actually able to finish my stack.

has improved so much,”

help but wonder how he seemed to want me to eat so much when he had acted like I was too heavy before. I knew I was healthy but Felix, Calix and Alex always

that but you know I‘m like a four maybe even in a six in clothes. It’s not plus sized but it‘s not


13: Bikini Babe who had once made fun of

but you don‘t believe my words so let me show you

gonna show

inside,” said Felix. Alex sighed exasperatedly. Calix

I could hear the roar of the waves and smell the salt. A hired private taxi took us to where we would be staying, the Pointed Crowne Hotel. We were staying in the presidential suite. My jaw dropped

night on the island. I put on a light pink bikini while the triplets ordered room service.

trunks, their perfect abs and

I said. “Yeah, Baby?” Asked Felix. “Let’s take a bubble bath!” I

Alex ran us a bubble bath. The tub was so huge. All four of us fit. I giggled as Felix tickled me and pulled

out this way and the triplets would be catering to my every whim rather than making my life miserable. I

my ear. “Aren‘t you

Felix‘s thumbs were tracing my n*****s through the fabric of my bikini top and it was making them erect and making me moist.

Felix, licking my earlobe

lower body. Alex was rubbing my most


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