Warning SEXUALLY EXPLICIT Chapter 14: Hungry Wolves

My stomach clenched in anticipation. My mouth watered Felix was closest to me I put my hands on his huge erection. It was much too thick to hold with one hand. He groaned and his eyes darkened as I ran my fingers and nails lightly up and down his shaft. 

“Good girl,” he murmured. 

Alex was squeezing my butt cheeks and Calix had started to finger me. I shivered, my legs trembly. I kissed Felix‘s large member, planting kisses along the shaft. I licked the tip

“Now try to take it in your mouth, Baby,” said Felix 

I took as much of his erection as I could into my mouth. I choked and spluttered He seemed to enjoy that. He was smirking. He smoothed my golden curls back and gripped it like a ponytail to help guide me as I sucked his d**k. Sucking him made me even wetter which is something was not expecting. Felix started thrusting against my mouth’s movements, gently at first and then he was f*****g my face. I spluttered and my eyes watered. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he came in my mouth, his warm c*m hitting the back of my throat. 

“Swallow,” he instructed in a raspy voice. I obeyed, gulping it down. His c**k left my mouth and was quickly replaced by Alex’s monster erection. I tried to keep up with Alex’s thrusting, sucking the eldest Alpha as hard as I could. I tasted his pre-cum and locked eyes with him.

He mouthed ‘I love you, Chasity’ as he quickened the pace. He moaned, shutting his eyes tightly as his orgasm hit. c*m splattered the back of my throat and I swallowed it eagerly already anticipating Calix’s huge c**k. Calix moved agonisingly slow in my mouth, teasing me, a sly smile on his face as his brothers hands roamed my body. His c**k was so smooth. I enjoyed the feel of it on my tongue. He moved slowly enough for me to savour the taste of his c**k and his precum. My p***y was gushing as Alex licked and sucked my clit and Felix eagerly fingered my entrance. ! had lost count of what number orgasm I was on. My vision blurred a little again as Calix grunted and started to thrust into my mouth quickly. I matched his movements until my jaw tired and then I just let him f**k my mouth roughly as I spluttered on his smooth humungous c**k. He locked eyes with me as he came down my throat. I gulped down his c*m, swallowing like Felix taught me. I was panting. I had never been so breathless in my entire life. 

The triplets were panting too and grinning at me, looking at me in awe. “Should we stop?” Asked Calix, his blue eyes anxious as they gazed at me. I shook my head. I was soaked down there and I felt...empty. I wanted Calix “Only one of us can...go first,” said Calix slowly and softly. 

one would get upset at my

they not been werewolves they

14 Hungry

brothers massaged my sides and kept their

really gentle,” instructed Felix softly, glancing at Calix “Take your time,” whispered Alex

face I loved his dimples! I cupped his face in my hands and he leant towards me, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, eyes locked. I felt his gigantic throbbing c**k at

whispered. “Ready,”

you my Luna if it’s the last thing I do,” whispered Calix, his blue eyes meeting my brown ones, as he pushed inside of me swiftly but gently, breaking my

“Chasity, you ok, Luna?” Asked Alex softly in the other ear, concern evident on his face. “Yes, Felix. Yes, Alex,” I murmured.

lips to mine. I deepened the kiss as he slowly thrust

Chasity,” groaned Calix softly as he quickened the pace. “Baby, move your hips,” whispered Felix encouragingly. I did as he instructed,

he started to pound me. I whimpered. The pleasure was so

nose with me again. “I wanna mark you, wanna make you mine,”

thoughts flitted through my mind but only one answer left my lips when it

“Will you be mine too, Baby?”

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