Chapter 32: Misgivings and the Moon 

The three she-wolves blocked my path to the bathroom on the stairway’s landing. In the middle was Tonya, Felix’s most recent ex, clad in a red dress so tight it looked painted on. She had olive skin, deep brown eyes and long, bone-straight black hair. Flanking her were Calix’s ex, Avery, in a blue sequin mini dress with her shoulder-length light blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin, and Alex’s ex, Sandra, with her long vibrant red hair, green eyes and light sprinkling of freckles across rosy skin. Sandra wore a micro-mini

dark green velvet dress. Currently all six eyes had turned black and were filled with envy and hatred. All three outfits were splattered with my vomit.

“I’m so so so sorry, girls,” I said feebly.

“For stealing our boyfriends or for ruining our clothes?” Bellowed Sandra.

“I didn’t steal them, they’re my mates and they chose to break up with you!” I retorted. “I’m sorry for the clothes!” I specified, my temper rising.

“You little b***h!” Cried Sandra trying to grab me by my wrist. I was furious now too. My wolf was snarling, jealous and threatened and outraged. I snatched my hand away from Sandra and literally growled at her, baring my canines. Something the old Chasity or perhaps, Charity, would have never done

Sandra recoiled a little. Tonya and Avery glared. “So you think you’re hot stuff now, huh, you think you’re actually worth something now?!” Spat Avery.

“Not a chance!” Added Sandra venomously.

I rolled my eyes.

“You should have heard the horrible things they used to say about you!” Said Tonya. That actually made me a little worried. My eyes widened a bit “Didn’t they tell you all the awful stuff they said about you to everyone including us?” Asked Sandra in

mock innocence.

“Especially us!” Corrected Avery.

That stung a little. Had the triplets insulted me behind my back? They used to do so to my face but this felt worse somehow like they must have truly disliked me. Tonya smirked.

“Felix would go on and on about how fat and pathetic you were! How your cooking sucks and you always gave attitude as a maid when you should just be grateful that their parents let your poor ass stay in the pack house,” snarled Tonya.

“Alex thought you were ungrateful too and that you didn’t deserve to live in the pack house because you had no respect for any of them and were entitled!” Growled Sandra.

“Calix said you broke his nose when you were little but still constantly played the victim as if you

were so innocent when you were just as vicious if not more!” Hissed Avery.

I took a deep breath, fighting back tears. The girls seemed satisfied,

“Alex, Baby!” Squealed Sandra suddenly, tossing her long flaming red hair. “Look at what this brat did to me!” She shrieked, gesturing towards her dress.

My heart plummeted. For one horrifying second, I thought Alex was rushing up the stairs to cormfort

Sandra. He would take her in his arms and say she was beautiful right in front of me and then my heart

would break. It would shatter. Alex bounded up the stairs and my wolf and I waited terrified. He came to us and snatched me up, enveloping me in his arms.


“Little Luna!” He murmured against my skin, his face buried in my neck. “Are you ok? What

happened? Where’d you run off to?”

“I had to use the bathroom,” I said softly.

“Did you?” He asked. I shook my head. Alex spotted the open door behind the three she-wolves on

the landing leading to a white-tiled bathroom.

“Excuse us, ladies,” he said politely but indifferently. “Alex!” Shrieked Sandra. “She vomited on us!” Cried Sandra, disgusted.

her way to the bathroom you

called her a

the bathroom and locked the door. I made him face the wall while I used the bathroom. I washed my hands and then Alex made me wash my face and sip some water. He patted my head with a cool damp towel. My skin was flushed and my

voice. I

so I would not fall over. The

spun round and

that the voice had come from: Roxie, Felix’s ex girlfriend


doing ok,” said Alex,

a minute?” Asked Roxie

looking for a snack for you. You

where everything

Mina and Tina

get out of

Avalon,” she began, somewhat unsure of

those names are right,” I said

I mean, those girls, they were giving you

was when you were dating one


and they even

money!” I said waving my hands all over this

friend Clair dealt with the same thing. So did Rosie! She was Calix’s

when a guy meets

did you and Felix break

she said, her eyes lighting up. “And Felix was so happy for me. He really was. He hoped to find his

never gotten the point of werewolf relationships where you know

each his own. I felt a little insecure that Moxie broke up

not the

we did fight, We’d argue a lot. He called me Charity

laughing about it now and shaking her head. “So


for a bit when I was head cheerleader and he

like obsessed with this little maid girl that lived in his house, no offence. Ugh, that sounds so snobby and awful saying it out-loud like that,” said Roxie, covering her face. “He was always either whining about something wrong you’d did or how you looked at him as if he were a monster or how you didn’t


forlorn in your hand-me-downs sitting on the pack house porch steps. I mean you were always a

would reject him as a mate and

told you all

hope you’re not upset. I mean we’ve been friends for

daughter, didn’t you

No, I didn’t!

late thirties,” I mumbled. He looked too young to have a

old daughter.

werewolves always look young,” she said with a wave of her

but I also felt overwhelmed. The triplets had a whole life that I felt I wasn’t

brownies, chips with dip, soft pretzels and mini croissants some filled with Nutella and others

all this?”

some stuff,” Alex

“Charlista?”| asked.

housekeeper,” said Moxie, Roxie’s younger sister, who walked into the kitchen at

by Calix

ok?” Calix asked, coming up to me and

What happened? I missed you,” Felix said rushing forwards and kissing my forehead over and over

ages to notice I was

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