Chapter 34: Kidnappers 

Chasity’s POV

Please, this could not be real. I woke up on a hard cold metal floor. I was inside of a van. I could not scream. I had been gagged and bound. I struggled against my restraints. I tried to shift. I could not. There was a pain in my neck. I had a silver choker on, I realised. Tears welled up in my eyes. It burned! The silver! The ropes cut into me.

Felix! FELIX! I tried over mind-link since I could not get any words out with my mouth stuffed with a

cloth and tape placed over it.

ALEX! CALIX! HELP ME! I screamed over mind-link. Who knows how far away they were. The marks on

my neck were painful. I knew their marks hurt too. We were bonded deeply that way.

Please don’t think I ran away. Please don’t think I ran away. Please don’t think I ran away. I chanted this over mind link over and over like a mantra. They had to know that I did not run away. I loved them so


The van came to a sudden halt. The door to the back opened. A tall figure loomed over me. A voice. Distinctly male. So deep and gruff. He was barking orders in a different language. I spotted a tattoo on the man’s ankle, a snake curled around a full moon. Had this man been the huge wolf or the one that grabbed me?

“You sure this is her?” Said a voice.

“Yeah the triplet’s mate,” said a higher pitched voice.

“Boss will be so pleased,” said the voice.

“I want the full amount before I hand her over,” said the higher pitched voice.

“No, half now, half later,” said the deeper voice.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you know what I risked to get her?” Said the high-pitched voice. “I want my money now!”

After!” Bellowed the deeper voice.

Snarls and growls.

other guy before me got his neck snapped by lover boy, the crazy one, her middle alpha.

died trying to bring her

name thrown around like that made my heart ache. I suddenly felt nauseated. I felt awful. I needed help. I wished I were draped over Felix’s chest with Alex and Calix on either side of me. I couldn’t

me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes. I was carried out of the van and into a building. I squirmed in the person’s arms until he barked at me, “If you don’t hold still i’ll have to knock you out.” I went limp in the person’s arms. He swung me off his shoulder and onto a cold hard surface that was higher off the ground than I had expected. I was on a table. A wooden dining room table. I glanced around. I was in a

wrong with her?”

Said the higher

something!” Commanded the deeper

lips and my gag was removed. My mouth felt grainy and dry. I coughed. The cough sounded hoarse. I was surprised how little power I had

you want?” I asked, my voice barely

was able to sit up. My wrists were still bound behind my back and my ankles were tied. I felt a small amount of relief. I looked at my

right. His ankle bore the snake with the full moon tattoo. He had hazel eyes from what I

what you want?” I asked again, still

He was less cute. I frowned. My heart hurt. Maybe my

resemblance as

your name?” I asked the Felix-like one. I

up. Shut the is my first name

said the

insult him. I laughed very feebly. He gave me the weirdest of looks. I looked around at the place. It was a castle based on the design, stone walls, high-ceilings, huge brick fireplaces. The kidnappers already had

you going to kill me?” I asked nonchalantly. I had to

me like I was crazy. Maurice

began Maurice but the Felix-like one nudged him in

Dante. I

“Dante,” I said.

me with a

no one is going to coddle you here like your love-sick alphas do so enough chit chat unless you want the gag back in,”

hired to kill me. They would not have hastily removed the gag when I

He seemed

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