Chapter 35: The Lucky Toad Third Person 

The triplet alphas had every pack member on high alert. Every warrior was scouring the pack lands for Chasity. The pack lands were on lockdown. No one could enter or leave without explicit permission from the Alphas. There was a curfew mandated by the Alphas. Beta Keaton was displeased. Something very upsetting had made his way to his desk this morning, the first morning after Chasity’s disappearance.

“What is this, Alpha?” Said Beta Keaton, beseeching his former Alpha Romeo handing him the list. Alpha Romeo scanned the list of suspects. He sighed.

“Roxie and Moxie are suspects!” Whispered Beta Keaton fiercely. “We’re friends, Romeo. Our children are friends. Felix and Roxie used to date. They were at her party last night.”

“That’s why the girls are suspects, Keaton,” said Romeo tiredly. “It’s nothing personal. The party was the last event Chasity was seen by many at. And all of the triplet’s exes are suspects. Even the party planner, Ronda, who they never dated! She just kinda envied Chasity.”

Keaton took a deep breath, arms akimbo, displacing his blazer backwards.

“The triplets even accused us,” said Romeo exasperatedly.

“You and the Luna?” Asked Keaton.

Romeo nodded sadly.

“Losing a mate is tough. It’s…there’s nothing worse than that…” said Keaton his voice cracking up. He had had his daughters with his second chance mate. His original mate had met an untimely end.

Romeo clapped Keaton on the back. “They’re not real suspects. They’ll just be interviewed.”

“I have a mate!” Snapped Roxie, glaring at the private investigator flanked by pack warriors.

He had brought in because he was the best. His name was Danny Saunders. He was almost as tall as the triples with chiselled features, a five o’clock shadow, an impressive moustache, dark eyes, thick eyebrows, full lips and shaggy wavy brown hair. He was in his mid-thirties. He had been a P. I. For the past decade and a pack warrior for seven years before that, from the day he turned eighteen.

“Ok, Ms Roxie, I know, just answer the question, please,” said Danny.

“I would never be jealous of Chasity. Felix and I were happy for each other when we found our mates,” Roxie said, sniffing.

“The question was did you tell Chasity to go to the landing bathroom knowing full well that Sandra, Tonya and Avery were waiting there to confront her?” He repeated getting tired of this.

“Well…yeah,” she admitted.

do a thing like

don’t know. Chasity was never popular before and now

if the girls ruffled her feathers. They were not gonna hurt her. No violence. Just bitchy insults. And well she vomited on them

at her like the moron he thought

send the next

Ronda stalked in, on her six-inch heels. Roxie gave her a scowl. Ronda gave Roxie a smirk. Cattiness abounded in this investigation.

P.I. There wasn’t three

describe Chasity?”

pretty, very smart. She’s a bit shy. Can’t fault her for that. She’s young.

“Do you think Chasity

twitched a little. “Yeah…yes…they’re all very in love.” She took a deep breath

his goddess, isn’t that

her eyes but quickly smiled. “Aww,” she cooed. Chasity’s

snacks, perfumes, feminine products and it contained a mini-pharmacy in the back. There were only two branches of Divine Lupine on our pack lands. One was in the main town area. It was super busy with long lines and she-wolves shoving each other over bargain beauty products. I couldn’t picture Dante going there. The other was in the more secluded suburbs where rich pack members lived in a mall. The mall outlet was much emptier. No lines really. Friendly staff. No shoving. I was in driving distance of that mall most likely. I highly doubted Dante had a pregnancy test just lying around unless he was a humungous ladies’ man and even then a pregnancy test was a stretch. He must have bought it after I started vomiting. That meant I should be able to mind-link my alphas but I couldn’t. Hmm. Had I been injected with wolfsbane or silver or something. Were the walls in here specially designed to prevent mind-linking? Did that technology exist? My

my alphas were here. I pictured them here with

in his book. Calix would be looking at me with his big blue eyes wide and trying to peak at the test before

it said. Alex would scold Calix for peaking and would tell me to announce it

thinking about their would-be reactions. I looked at the test.I sank onto the floor, my back and head against the cold tiles. We

Third Person

broke down the bar nailed to the doubles doors of The Lucky Toad , the Casino where Chasity’s parents had ranked up

triplet alphas. He walked into the place through the double doors, Calix

wallets. The dimly lit casino held about two dozen people though it seemed shut down from the outside. Perhaps, they knew the alphas were

undo, her bleached blonde hair piled on top of her head. She looked mid-forties

said in a croaky voice that betrayed decades of heavy

shoes. She scurried away, going up the stairs at the back as quickly as she could. Felix and his brothers sat at

think it’s clean,

the glass. It

at the staircase in the back.

Her piled up hair was coming down all

been manhandled, not badly but still. Alex already hated the boss. Maybe

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