Chapter 27 I believe Prince William will Bring me Justice

The cell was dark and dingy. The back stone wall looked wet and the bed in the comer had only one Ehin sheet on it to use as the blanket Doris searched for the source and found there wilis a tiny window that was much too high for her to even out of, but it had to window and allowed rain to dampen the small room. They shoved Doris inside the cell and threw a prisoner gawn at her feet.

-Change into this.” Was all the man said before the cell door made of bars slammed shut and locked. Doris slid down the wall and hugged her knees to her chest. She’d felt it ther, the dam inside her break as her tears poured out. She tried to silence them, even when she choked. She didn’t want anyone to hear her misery, she pressed her face against the prison gown and tried to muffle every sound. Why was this happening to her? She wasn’t even supposed to be at the party! She was supposed to be resting

Oh, what will they think when they all realize Melody had beaten her just a few days before her being poisoned? They’ll surely think it was her, just 25 Jack had said. Not even Prince Martin or Prince Daniel had a say in her defense out there, they all listened to Jack. What if everyone believed him?

What if they sentenced her to death for this?

It’d felt like days had passed in the cell. The outside was gloomy, though she couldn’t remember if night had passed or if it was all in the same day. It

couldn’t be, it felt like in eternity had gone by since she saw Melody collapse night in front of her. Doris changed into the black prison gown and her own uniform had been collected almost immediately after she slipped it discreetly off her body. It felt as if they erased her title as maid and replaced it entirely with prisoner the second she stepped through the cell door.

A creak echoed through the hallway outside her room. A light knock tapped along the bars of her celbefore boy sild the door open and slipped in silently. Doris quickly stood when she saw it was Da—Prince Daniel.

-Doris!” He moved further in, but a guard came in with him and stood by the wall as if he wen a shadow of the prince. “How’re you doing? I’m so sorry they put you in here I’ve tried convincing them to put you somewhere more… comfortable.”

She’d acted so comfortable with him before as she cleaned his face and teased him

a small flash of emotion she couldn’t place crossed his features. “Are you upset with me for lying about who I am?”

I was just confused

hand as

friend if you knew who I really was, I

said quietly, she cleared her throat. He wils a kind boy, that wils one thing she knew for certain. But it didn’t change the fact that they weren’t meant to be friends. “You must have known there was never any hope

daring her to challenge his decision. “As you said, I’m a prince and I can make any choice I want. I can be friends with whomever I want. my title

is a prince, and a maid

features and she wished she wasn’t the cause of it. She wished he really was a guard and it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a friend. “I’m sorry you feel that way. Doris.” He said quietly. Doris looked down at

 at his guard before his light eyes landed on her again. “You know, the alpha king assigned Prince William to be the judge of your case. He thinks since it was his lady that was poisoned, he should be the one

W n’t sure while that should make her feel, but she didn’t feel completely hopeless. At least I wasn’t Prince Jack though perhaps Prince William hated her just as much. A chill ran through her. Would be be fair, or blindedi by revenge for his ex lover?’ He must have cared a lot for Melody. didn’t he? Did he believe she was capable of killing her own

wasn’t surely he had

me that.

looking into who prepared the soup and anyone else that might have had access to it before you helped pass them out.” Doris flinched at his words, the quickly softened his tone. “We both know you didn’t do that, Doris, Prince Martin sid he was looking at you the entire time and didn’t see you once polson Melody’s bowl. We don’t know why Prince Jack is claiming

stopped me if he said he did see me poison her.” Doris picked at her nails and started to pace her cell. She didn’t have much toom, it only took a few steps to walk between each wall.

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