Julian was silenced by Diana’s remark.

He couldn’t utter a word, and could only wait for Diana to make the call.

The key was that she didn’t want him to hear the conversation, and purposely went to the balcony to talk.

This made Julian incredibly curious, and he couldn’t help but wonder what Diana had said.

“How did it go?” he asked as soon as Diana finished her call and returned.

“Fanny agreed to help,” she told Julian. “Tomorrow, we’ll have dinner on the top floor of SK Mall. There’s a new Japanese restaurant there, and it’s very private.”

If Sue had someone tailing Cecilia, they could avoid being detected in there.

“Let Noel know the time and place. We’ll meet at SK Mall tomorrow,” Diana instructed.

Julian nodded, and kissed her cheek.

“Honey, you’re amazing,” he said, then held her shoulders and asked, “But when did I remember her being your investor, but it’s not like you were close friends or anything.”

so close to Oliver?” Diana retorted. “I’ve heard your

as for Fanny… When you meet her tomorrow, please, whatever you

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one that seemed most likely to please her.

denied the label, and then, he insisted on talking to Diana while hugging her, letting his body warmth transmit to

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buying into his proposal this time. “Why don’t we, what? You obviously thought about it! You were worried that when I meet Fanny tomorrow, I might spill the beans about you and Oliver and reveal her background. Yet, here you are, denying it. That’s truly a man’s shamelessness! All

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