Don't Dine With Other Men At this moment, more than a dozen bodyguards swarmed in and surrounded the room.
They were all employed by Jerry.
However, Mitchel only had two bodyguards and an assistant who looked very gentle.
Mitchel was outnumbered.
If all these men beat him up, how could he resist? His two bodyguards couldn't protect him against more than a dozen men
around them.
At the thought of this, Jerry grinned hideously.
He was confident to win.
Jerry raised his hand and hooked his finger, hinting at the bodyguards to make a move.
Mitchel saw this but he didn't show any sign of fear at all.
He didn't even move.
He still sat there leisurely with his long legs crossed.
It was as 1f he was just watching a show.
But before all Jerry's men could move, a loud noise suddenly sounded.
Jerry turned around in confusion, only to be shocked by the scene in front of him.
It turned out that all his men had been taken down one after another.
They curled up on the floor, groaning in pain.
The entire process happened in less than five minutes.
Jerry found this the most shocking.
How could Mitchel's two bodyguards knock down more than a dozen men? He was in utter disbelief.

Fear gradually appeared in Jerry's eyes.
There was no trace of arrogance in him anymore.
His body trembled uncontrollably.
He couldn't help wondering what kind of monsters these men in front of him were.
Despite his fear, Jerry managed to ask in a trembling voice, "Who the hell are you?” Upon hearing this question, Matteo took out
an elegant gilded business card and showed it to Jerry.
"He is Mr.
Dixon.” Jerry looked at the business card.
And when he read the words printed there, he suddenly knelt on the floor.
The Dixon Group was well-known in Ardlens.
How could he not know this company? "I'm...
I'm sorry.
It’s all my fault.
I didn’t recognize you.
Please forgive me.
I swear I will never show up in front of you again.
Please spare me this time.” Jeff, who was lying on his stomach and oblivious to Mitchel’s identity, groaned and shouted, "Dad!
What do you think you're doing? Why are you kneeling in front of them? I am so ashamed of...” But before he could finish his
words, a crisp slap sound echoed in the room.
It turned out that Jerry slapped Jeff hard to stop the latter from talking.
Jerry roared, "Shut up!" He was livid, thinking Jeff was such an idiot.

How could Jeff not realize what kind of person he had offended? Jerry glared at Jeff before he turned to Mitchel again and
Then he said humbly, "Mr.
Dixon, I don't know what exactly my son did, but I know it's not good.
I apologize to you on his behalf.
Please forgive him.
I will do anything to make it up to you.
Just tell me what you want, Mr.

Dixon." Mitchel stubbed out the cigarette in his hand, looked at Jerry, and said indifferently, “There’s no need to apologize.
And you don't need to do anything to compensate.
I won't tell you what he did today.
But I don't think he will still need his hands.” His voice was cold and calm.
It was as if he was only talking about the weather.
Matteo immediately understood what Mitchel meant.
He responded, “Okay, Mr.
Dixon.” Jerry racked his brain, trying to recall what Jeff had done the entire day.
He still wanted to find a way out to overcome this predicament.
After a while, something popped up in Jerry's mind.
He remembered Jeff's conversation with his friend earlier.
Jeff made a bet with his friends that he would dare to steal someone's bag.
In the end, he did snatch a bag from a woman and accidentally hurt a woman in her early twenties.

Jerry understood what was going

cut him some slack. He is my only son. If he loses his hands, he won't be able to live a normal life in the future.” Mitchel stood up and walked toward the door. But after taking a few steps, he turned around, looked at Jerry, and sneered, "If you don't know how to discipline your son, someone will do

table vibrated. She reached out and fumbled for it with her left hand. It was Nicole calling, so she answered it at once. Nicole was inviting her to their college reunion tomorrow evening. Raegan refused. But she didn't want Nicole to worry about her, so she just said she was not feeling well and hung up. She didn't say anything about her injury. A few moments after Raegan hung up, she received a voice message from Henley. "Nicole told me that

Then a voice sounded.
"Who are you chatting with?" Raegan slowly opened her eyes and saw Mitchel standing at the door with one hand in his pocket.
His handsome face looked somber.
Raegan was stunned for a moment.

his slender fingers and was about to send a voice message. Fortunately, Raegan came back to her senses. She suddenly shouted, "Wait!" She was angry when she realized he had taken her phone. "Why did you take my phone away?” "Since you can't afford to reject him by yourself, I'll do it for you. Consider it as my help,” Mitchel replied casually. Raegan took a deep breath to suppress the anger in her

her. He didn't even consider her feelings. So why should she listen to him? Besides, she and Henley were just friends. There was nothing romantic between them. Why couldn't she dine with

anger in her heart. It was as if she wanted to explode. How could Mitchel be so unreasonable? "Mitchel, do you know what respect is? We are getting divorced. You have no right to interfere with my social life." Mitchel sneered, "Is he the reason why you want to divorce me?" Raegan's mouth gaped open with

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