Do You Love Me Mitchel! raised Raegan's chin with two of his slender fingers.
He tilted his head to make their lips match perfectly.
This Kiss was Just like his style which was calm and self-control with irrefutable aggressiveness.
Mitchel sucked her tongue.
He tasted her and she tasted him too.
With her back against the cold wall, Raegan's lips became swollen and numb.
She legs turned to jelly and she trembled.
This made Mitchel want her more.
He kissed her as if he wanted to gobble her up there and then.
In contrast, Raegan was on the verge of bursting into tears.
Why was he doing this? Didn't he love only Lauren? Why was he making out with her now? Could this man just stop confusing
her? It wasn't until Mitchel tasted her salty tears that he finally broke the kiss.
He pressed his body against hers.
He pressed his lips on her earlobe, exhaled a hot breath, and called with wanting," Raegan." His husky voice was a clear
indication that he was so horny now.
Hearing that, Raegan couldn't help but tremble with anxiety.
She knew what was coming next.
"Will you still resist?" Mitchel asked in a hoarse voice.
Raegan shook her head with grievance.
She didn't dare to offend him now, fearing that he would throw her to the bed, "Don't piss me off ever again!" he added.
Raegan avoided any eye contact with him, but nodded obediently.

It only made Mitchel unhappy.
He pinched her chin again and ordered, “Raegan, look at me!” His grip was strong, so there was no way Raegan could continue
looking away now.
Her red and swollen lips came into his view again.
Mitchel’s eyes glistened with lust at this moment.
Raegan never went against him.
Whatever he told her to do, she did.
Her occasional subtle resistance only made him more eager to conquer her.
At the imagination of her being with another man, Mitchel was pissed.
He badly wanted to punish her just to drive home his point.

The look he was giving her now was like that of a predator waiting to pounce on its prey, making Raegan uneasy.
Out of the blue, Mitchel's phone rang.
Raegan couldn't be happier.
She silently thanked the caller.
When Mitchel remained still, she reminded him, "Aren't you going to take that? It might be Lauren calling." She only mentioned
Lauren just to distract him and remind him that he shouldn't be touching someone he didn't love now.
Although she knew he didn't love her clearly, Raegan still felt a little sad.

a woman mean if she was pushing her husband to another woman? This idea drove Mitchel nuts. His eyes fell on Raegan's delicate neck. In the blink of an eye, he picked her up and threw

back warily and stammered, "Don't... Don't do this. I’m still injured." It had skipped her mind how aggressive he could be. Mitchel wasn't a man to be challenged by anyone. Raegan gnashed her teeth in regret. She wished she hadn't provoked him. Now that she was injured, she couldn't possibly fight him off and flee. "Just open your legs for me and I'll take you to cloud nine,” Mitchel said casually and licked his lips while his eyes sparked with lust. He looked so gentle with the white shirt and the tie. But the next second, he said such words. Mitchel lowered his head and wanted to kiss her, but Raegan turned her head away. He reached out and pressed her

a bitch! Why are you so mean to me? You claim to be my husband, yet you treat

seemed to change his mind all of a sudden.
He lowered his head and kissed the tears on her face.
This pissed Raegan off even more.
What did this man take her for? Why did he kiss her when he didn't love her? Did he think she would allow him to sleep with her
because of a few kisses? Hell, no! A tirade of emotions, including anger, grievance, and unwillingness, surged inside Raegan's
Raegan sobbed and asked, "Do you even love me?" Mitchel froze.
He then looked at her without saying anything.
His silence told Raegan all that she needed to know.
For the umpteenth time in the past few days, her heart broke.
She had loved this man for a decade, yet he never loved her.
She wanted to punch his stomach now.
But since her hand was injured, she resorted to biting his chin hard.
"Shit!" The sudden pain made Mitchel hiss.
He pinched Raegan's chin and ordered, "Let me go!” Once Raegan let go of his chin, she turned her face away and let her tears

your tears! You just turned me off." With that, he stormed out of the room and slammed the door in rage. Raegan felt as if her heart had been yanked out

her stomach. She clutched it tightly while vomiting over and over again. Mitchel must have

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