Her Domineering Mother-in-law "Raegan..." Mitchel called out softly while approaching Raegan.
His voice was filled with worry.
It was Raegan’s first time having a near-death experience.
Raegan was still in a trance at the moment.
But Mitchel's voice brought Raegan back to her senses.
The moment she saw him, she had the urge to throw herself into his arms regardless of anything.
She almost died today.
She really thought it was her end.
If Raegan didn't make it, Mitchel would never see her again.
And he would never know about their baby.
Mitchel knew nothing about the baby yet.
Raegan hadn't had the chance to tell him anything.
Even if he didn't like the baby, it was still his.
He deserved to know.
The baby also had the right to let its father know its existence.
Raegan didn't want to deprive her baby of this right.
"Mitchel..." Raegan was about to say something when the door was pushed open, and someone called out Mitchel's name
behind them.
It was Lauren who came in.
She immediately walked to the bed and said concernedly, "Raegan, are you all right? Mitchel and 1 were on our way to the court
when we heard that you were in the hospital.

We were shocked and worried about you, so we immediately came here." Raegan was stunned for a moment.
She didn't expect to hear these words from Lauren.
But soon, she realized something.
Then she felt that the hope in her heart that had just been revived sank to the bottom again.
And the luster in her eyes slowly disappeared until her eyes dimmed.
1 How could she forget? Today must be a significant day for Lauren.
After all, Mitchel and she were getting divorced today, and Mitchel would finally be free to marry Lauren.
Raegan realized how ridiculous she was.
Mitchel was very eager to divorce her.
How could she still hold on to her fantasy about him? Her brain must have been affected by her injuries.
She became muddled, and she was not able to think clearly.
Raegan remained silent.
It was Mitchel who turned his head to Lauren and asked, "Why did you come in?" His tone seemed grumpy, and his expression
turned cold.
Lauren put on a pitiful look and said softly, “It’s so cold outside.
With these thin clothes, I can't stand the cold..." Raegan still didn't say anything, but her eyes scanned Lauren up and down.
Lauren wore a white lace dress with a hollowed-out design.
It was simple yet elegant, making her look particularly frail and attractive.
Mitchel was in a black suit, and Lauren wore a delicate white dress.
Whoever saw them would immediately understand why they were dressed like this.

Obviously, they couldn't wait to register their marriage certificate.

dress customized half a month ago because this day was special for her. She had been desperate to marry Mitchel, and she thought she would finally become his wife today. So, she got up early in the morning and dressed up. For a smooth plan today, Lauren took a morning-after pill and went to the Dixon Group to wait for Mitchel. As soon as she saw him, she cried pitifully and coaxed

She only needed to wait for Mitchel and Raegan to divorce. Then, she would have her way to let Mitchel marry her, She thought what happened yesterday was enough to make Raegan back down. She didn’t expect Raegan wouldn't give up and delayed the appointment for the divorce. Raegan must do it purposely! Lauren couldn't help cursing Raegan in her heart while looking at Raegan. Lauren vowed to make a meticulous plan to deal with

in the afternoon. Although it was inconvenient to use her left hand due to her injured right hand, she could still sign the documents with her left hand. Mitchel’s eyes narrowed, and his expression darkened when he heard Raegan’s words. But Lauren was too excited to notice the sudden change in Mitchel's expression. Lauren held Mitchel's arm and said happily, "Thank you, Raegan. As I have said, even

bedside table, took a cushion, and put it behind Raegan to serve

Then she said warmly to Raegan, "Raegan, are you hungry? I'm sorry I'm a bit late.
I let the maids make these dishes for you, and it took them a while to finish.” Luciana ignored Mitchel and Lauren.
It was as if only she and Raegan were in the ward.
Luciana walked in so quickly that Lauren didn't clearly see who came in.
But she felt that the aura this woman exuded was undoubtedly strong.
Lauren thought she had to fight back.
She had to show this woman that she was not a pushover.
Besides, this woman was kind to Raegan.
She never saw any wealthy people around Raegan.
Lauren assumed this woman was not a big shot.
With all these thoughts, Lauren held her head high and asked arrogantly, "Who are you? Are you related to Raegan?” Luciana
snorted coldly, turned around, and looked at Lauren disdainfully.
"Me? Am I related to Raegan? Of course, I am! I'm her mother-in-law." As soon as Luciana said this, there was pin-drop silence
in the ward.
The air around them instantly froze.
Finally, Lauren saw Luciana's face clearly.
Her legs went weak.
If she hadn't been holding Mitchel's arm, she would have almost fallen to the ground.
° It turned out the woman was Mitchel’s mother.
Lauren didn't expect Luciana to come here.

was as if she wanted to swallow

was also surprised about Luciana’s appearance. He pursed his thin lips and asked, "Mom, why did you come back out of the blue?” Luciana looked at Mitchel and sneered, "You're the fine one to ask. Can't I come back anytime I want? It's actually a good thing that I decided to come back today. Otherwise, I wouldn't have witnessed such a dramatic scene. You brat! Your wife is injured, but you don't even know how to comfort her. Instead, you show

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