Caring Mother-in-law Lauren, who had been putting on an act of being weak, realized what it really felt like to be on the brink of
death now.
She felt Luciana would piss her off so badly any moment from now.
She was known for her facade of a tender and attractive young lady in Ardlens with men chasing after her.
But Mitchel's mother just called her a side chick.
Infuriating! It was so annoying that Luciana even pretended not to recognize her, saying Tommy's daughter wouldn't be so
shameless like her.
Luciana was so hateful.
Left with no choice at the moment, Lauren resorted to her acting skills.
She leaned against Mitchel and sobbed.
"You have gotten this all wrong, Luciana.
I really didn't...” “Well, that’s good to know.
But remember, it's immoral and shameless to cling to a married man.
Keep your distance from him from now on!" As Luciana spoke, she cast a cold glance at Lauren's hand that was holding onto
Mitchel's arm tightly, which scared Lauren to let it go.
If it weren't for the help of Mitchel in time, Lauren would have fallen to the ground.
Mitchel frowned and said, "Mom, please be nice to Lauren.
She's not in good condition now.” : Lauren hid behind Mitchel.
At this moment, Mitchel was like a hard wall, blocking all the harm to Lauren.
Seeing Mitchel's actions and hearing his protective words for Lauren, Raegan's eyes turned red, but she fought back the tears
with all her might.

She thought she had gone numb, but this scene still made her heart hurt badly.
She had already decided to divorce Mitchel and let them be together.
But why did Mitchel have to rub it in her face? Why did he protect Lauren in front of her? What a heartless man! 1 She felt like
her heart was cut into pieces by a knife.
The pain made her want to find a place to hide.
Bang! Luciana slapped the table and glared at Mitchel.
“Her well-being is none of your business.
Even if she's terminally ill, your duty is to your wife, not her! Tell me, have you shown concern for Raegan since you came in?
Raegan risked her life just to get back my bag from a thief.
The bag contained your grandfather's crucial medicine.
She got hurt and got eight stitches without any anesthesia! She decided to help me without knowing who I was.
She doesn't deserve to be treated this way by her own husband!" Luciana’s anger increased as she spoke.
She was livid to see Lauren was still clinging to Mitchel like they were a pair.
Not wanting to see them anymore, she pointed at the door and yelled, "Get out, both of you!" Lauren tugged at Mitchel's sleeve.
She badly wanted to leave.
Obviously, Luciana was difficult to deal with.
Luciana’s curses stung like hell and she would like to shy away from this terrible woman.
Lauren called out pitifully, "Mitchel..." To her chagrin, Mitchel seemed not to hear it.
His dark eyes were fixed on Raegan lying on the bed.

Lauren was a little flustered and pulled his arm again.
Mitchel soon came to his senses and pulled her out directly.

Matteo and ordered coldly, "Get her home safe." 1 Lauren's mouth opened in shock. Mitchel was leaving her in his assistant’s care? “Ouch!” With a scream, Lauren clutched her chest and sank to her knees

weak condition. Lauren feared that things would change over time. However, Mitchel remained so caring to her after her return that she reasoned she still had a shot. At this moment, She was waiting for him to turn around for her. She hoped to cling to him and draw him away from Raegan. But Mitchel just disappeared down the corridor without stopping even for a second. Matteo watched the drama queen

don't have to. I can feed myself." Luciana wasn't a lefthander, but she could manage. Luciana wiped Raegan’s lips gently with a serviette and said in a soft tone, "Don't be so polite to me. Think about why you are in this state now. Taking care of you is the least I can do now.” Luciana's words were sincere, and Raegan couldn't refuse her again. With a smile, Raegan said, “Thanks for your care, Mrs. Dixon." “Please, just call me Luciana. We're family." Luciana smiled at her. 1 Heat filled Raegan's cheeks. Raegan liked

Jodi can't keep still.
She's always on the go, so I get pretty lonely.
I always dreamed of having a quiet daughter.

be granted so soon." Hearing this, Raegan didn't want to let Luciana know about her upcoming divorce with Mitchel. She smiled shyly and uttered, "Luciana." “That's my good girl!" Luciana said excitedly. Smiling brightly, she took a refined jade bracelet off her hand and put it on Raegan's wrist without hesitation. "I've been wearing this bracelet for forty years. It suits you perfectly." “No, please, take it back. It means a lot to you. I can't take it. 1..." Raegan had intended to say she and Mitchel were about to part ways. But she couldn't bring up the divorce now because she didn't want to disappoint Luciana. Taking Raegan's hand in both of hers, Luciana said softly, “"Raegan, my heart broke when I saw you hold that knife with your bare hand. I wondered how much hardship you faced to make you able to face danger head-on like that. At that moment, I just wanted to hold you like a baby and comfort you. Please don't say no. Just see it as a normal gift to you. Let me take good care of you." Raegan’'s heart melted. Never had she been told such words. She was forced to act like an adult since she was a child because her weak and old grandmother required her care. After a tough childhood,

a result, she had long forgotten how it felt to be loved and

in his pocket. Raegan was surprised. What was he doing here again? His reappearance dampened her mood. This man hadn't put her

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