New Pursuer Mitchel just said casually, “It doesn't matter what time it is.
If you are in so much pain and you can't bear it, just give me a call." He didn’t mention anything about marriage.
Before Lauren and Jocelyn could speak, he took a look at his watch and said, "Gotta go.
Go to bed early, Lauren.” Lauren and Jocelyn were soon left alone in the ward.
With a sad expression, Lauren collapsed on the bed and kicked like a child.
“Jocelyn, did you hear that? What did he just say?" Raegan didn't like seeing her and they should avoid each other from now on?
What did that mean? His implication was that he didn't want her to see Raegan anymore! Had Raegan become so important to
him? More important than her? Lauren's breathing quickened as her face twisted irritably.
Jocelyn hurriedly put her arm around Lauren's shoulder and comforted, "Don't be sad.
You shouldn't jump to conclusions.
I think he just doesn't want you to have an altercation.
Stay calm.” “How can I stay calm!" Lauren looked pale and said in a trembling voice, “That bitch is pregnant." “What!” Jocelyn
was stunned.
"Are you sure?" "Absolutely!" Tears continued to flow from Lauren's eyes.
"Jocelyn, what should I do?” Asinister smirk curved up Jocelyn’s lips as she replied, "Just make her baby disappear." "But what if
Mitchel catches me in the act? He has been suspicious of me lately.” "It would be foolish to do such a thing by yourself.
You need to make others do the dirty work, so your hands will be unstained," Jocelyn said meaningfully.
Her eyes then fell on Lauren's neck.
The red marks were exposed when Lauren moved just now.
It looked so much like a hickey.
"Don't see Mitchel these days," Jocelyn suggested, rubbing her chin.

Lauren asked in panic, "Why?" "Men love pure women.
If he sees the marks on your neck, do you think he will marry you?” Jocelyn pointed out bluntly.
At the mention of this, Lauren swiped the objects on the table to the floor.
She had curves to die for and her face was prettier than most.
Her style was also good.
What more could a man want from a woman? Why did Mitchel not want her? Lauren had made all those red marks on her neck
just to fool Raegan into buying her story.
It hurt a lot! After thinking Jocelyn's advice through, Lauren picked up her phone and dialed a number.

"Tessa? Sorry for not calling you earlier.
| have been a little busy lately.
About that investment plan you told me about...” It had been a week since Raegan last saw Mitchel.
Perhaps he was still mad at her.
Although Luciana had paid her a visit and asked about Mitchel, Raegan tactfully avoided the topic.
She didn't want to create a rift between them.
She was supposed to get her stitches out today.

As soon as she got downstairs, she saw a man waiting at the door. He was dressed in a dark suit, with a nonchalant expression while talking on the phone. The gemstone cufflinks emitted a

breath, reminding herself not to fall for him again. When Mitchel noticed her descending the stairs, he hung up the phone and said to Raegan, "Mom has something urgent to deal with, so she asked me to come.” "You don't have to. 1 can go there myself.” Raegan didn't want to be anywhere near him. "I must fulfil the task," Mitchel said casually, turning to leave. What did Luciana tell him that made him so hell-bent on taking her to the hospital? Raegan followed him into the car. Both of them sat in the back seat, silent throughout

It was Lauren again.
She rolled her eyes and walked past him.
She knew for sure that Mitchel was going to spend a long time on the phone with Lauren.
After all, they always seemed to have a lot to talk about! However, the phone stopped ringing the next second.

Mitchel would never decline a call from Lauren. A second after Raegan had that thought, Mitchel’'s phone vibrated again. This time, Raegan saw the caller ID clearly, reading, "Lauren". The next second, the man’s slender fingers

Raegan saw the words "Special VIP Room” on the office desk. She felt she had entered the wrong room.

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