I Don't Want A Divorce Of course, Raegan didn't take Luis’ words seriously.
And she was not in the mood to talk about it, so she didn't answer.
She only smiled faintly.
Luis noticed Raegan’s silence, so he warned, “If you don't say anything, I'll take it as your acquiescence.” After saying this, Luis
smiled like a cunning fox.
He felt Mitchel's piercing gaze, but he totally ignored it.
Luis’ mood lightened up a lot after deliberately provoking Mitchel.
But he wasn't done with the removal of the stitches yet.
Suddenly, he said gently, "Raegan, don’t move.” Raegan's body stiffened obediently.
It was as if she was afraid of making even the slightest move.
But the layers of sweat on her forehead were getting thicker, and her hands were shaking violently.
The truth was, she really couldn't face the removal of the stitches on her right hand by herself.
Mitchel also knew this very well.
Raegan's reactions offer another opportunity for Luis to tease Mitchel.
Luis turned to Mitchel whose face was written by concerns while standing next to Raegan, and said, "Come on, bro! Give her a
hand.” But to his surprise, Raegan immediately refused.
"No, it's okay.
I can do it myself." Even Mitchel didn't expect that Raegan would directly refuse his help.
The corners of his mouth twitched.
He stood beside Raegan, thrust his two hands in his pockets, and looked at Luis.
Luis couldn't help shrugging his shoulders.

He winked at Mitchel, indicating that he had tried his best.
Raegan didn’t say anything more.
She just waited for what would happen next.
When she saw Luis start picking up the tools, she pursed her lips tightly, and her eyelids couldn't help trembling involuntarily.
Mitchel had been observing Raegan.
Although she refused his help, he still couldn't help saying, "Just close your eyes if you don't want to see it." Mitchel wanted to
comfort her when he saw the expression on her face.
The next second, he pulled a chair to sit next to her and pressed her head against his chest peremptorily.
Raegan was dumbfounded.
Her body stiffened.
She wanted to push Mitchel away, but she was really afraid of needles.
When still struggling in her mind, she felt a faint sting on the back of her hand.
Raegan was so scared that she subconsciously reached out her left hand and hugged Mitchel’s waist tightly.
Her body trembled nervously.
"Didn't you say you don't need my help?” Raegan heard a gentle sneer above her head.
Feeling a flush of embarrassment, Raegan didn't dare to raise her head.
She tried to withdraw her hand at once.
However, Mitchel held onto Raegan's hand tightly.
Then he said in a magnetic and deep voice, "Hold still.” There was no doubt that the mind of anyone who saw their intimate
posture would get the wrong idea.

Who wouldn't think that they were a sweet and loving couple? Since she couldn't break free, Raegan just buried her face in

Mitchel's arms.
And for some reason, she felt relieved while quietly listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat.
The thumping of his heart was like a lullaby that soothed her nerves.
Raegan had been listening to Mitchel’s heartbeat for two years.
And until now, it still made her feel at ease.
She couldn't help breathing in the familiar fragrance from Mitchel's body greedily.
Raegan closed her eyes to savor this moment.
She just wanted to forget everything that happened these days.
After all, this could be her last opportunity to hug Mitchel.
Once they got their divorce certificates, they might not cross paths again.
So, right now, she wanted to hug him more tightly.

two came here for the removal of the stitches?” Raegan was stunned for a moment. And before she could react, Luis continued, "Let me guess. The two

serious? Oh, come on! By the way, I heard that you beat Raegan's senior in college a few days ago." Upon hearing this, Mitchel's frown deepened even more. He glared at Luis and warned coldly, “If you don't want your tongue anymore, I'd love to cut it off for you.” "Whoa! Relax, bro. Why are you so pissed off?" Luis chuckled and pretended to be scared. But he added, "But walt. You only gave him one


What happened on that day was like a bombard in his heart.
No matter how much he forced himself, he just couldn't let it pass.
Luis stared at Mitchel for a while, thinking Mitchel was too stubborn to admit that he had already fallen for Raegan.
Luis couldn't help reminding Mitchel, "Guess what? Mitchel, it's a good thing to be jealous because it means that you care about
her." At this moment, Raegan came back.
Upon seeing her, Luis took out a tube of ointment and handed it to her.
Then he said affectionately on purpose, "Raegan, this ointment is one of my personal collections.
This treasure will help you remove the scar.
Use this until your hand returns to its usual beauty.” Raegan took the ointment and said obediently, "Okay, I will use this.
Thank you, Mr.
You are so kind." "You don't have to be so polite.
Just call me Luis.
I think it sounds better than Mr.
Stevens, right?" Luis said teasingly.
His peach blossom eyes were smiling.
"All right, Luis..." Before Raegan could say anything more, Mitchel suddenly held her hand and dragged her out of the room
without looking back.
Raegan only heard Luis' amused voice behind her, "Raegan, don't forget our conversation!" Raegan was rendered speechless.
Mitchel walked very fast.

especially since her feet had just

was not stupid. She knew Luis was just Joking. She didn't take it seriously. She knew that people in the upper class wouldn't be interested in a woman like her. They would only look down upon her. Satisfied with Raegan’s reaction, Mitchel said in a low voice, "Where do you plan to go? I'll give you a ride.” Raegan shook her head. "No, thanks. I'll just take

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