Chapter 827

However, Tyler started to get irritable again when he saw Vicky's listless appearance.

Still lying on the bed, Vicky closed her eyes and was just about to fall asleep when she suddenly heard a click. Her eyes snapped open and saw Tyler unlocking the iron chains on her hands and feet.

‘Thank you," said Vicky softly. She was probably the first person to ever thank a kidnapper.

Tyler did not say anything.

Since she regained a sliver of her freedom, Vicky could not wait to get out of bed. She walked over to the window and stared out of the window.

Although the sun was shining outside, she could not clearly catch a glimpse of the scenery outside as the windows were outfitted with thick iron bars. So densely packed were they that Vicky could not even put one of her fingers between them.

trying to take a closer look, she suddenly felt a piercing gaze burning a hole in the back of her neck. Startled, she turned to look back, only to discover Tyler sitting on the chair and scrutinizing

if she stayed a while longer, Tyler

he would chain Vicky to the bed as if afraid that she would try to escape while he

usually bored out of her mind, so she volunteered to take charge of their daily three

day, Tyler received a

caller said something to him, to which he simply replied, "I'll be there right

got ready to go out. At that moment,

she asked when she saw Tyler putting on

after glancing at

you want

His expression was indifferent. ’I'm in

make him overthink, so she decided against it in the end. This time, Tyler did not chain her to

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