Loving You In Secret

Loving You In Secret

Authors:Debbie Meza
Num Chapters:1751
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Chapter 1753

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The protagonist Vicky Shaw receives a text message from her husband saying he has signed the divorce papers. The message arrives on her birthday, which she is supposed to celebrate with him. As Vicky reads the message, a news headline pops up on her phone, revealing her husband has been seen with his ex-girlfriend, the Best Actress winner Sheila Young. Vicky leaves the house and drives away, but she gets into a car accident and loses consciousness. One month later, she wakes up in a VIP hospital ward with a loss of memory. When a handsome man enters her room, she doesn't recognize him as her husband. However, Tyler Hart, Vicky's husband, reveals his identity and throws the signed divorce papers at her. Vicky tells him she has lost her memory, and Tyler is skeptical. Nevertheless, Vicky insists they can file the divorce papers once she's discharged from the hospital. Tyler is surprised by her declaration and examines her closely. Despite her memory loss, Vicky feels an inexplicable fear of her husband.

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Loving You In Secret

Loving You In Secret

1751 Chapters

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