Chapter 1500

[If Tyler is nothing but an ordinary man, he might be able to spend the rest of his life with Vicky, but he can't stand that. He's ambitious and managed to build his very own empire. Right now, the Harts are hoping to restore their glory with Hart Corporation's connections and resources. He is valuable, so the Harts will never let him go. Even his parents and that adopted brother of his won't spare him. And what did he do? He transferred his shares to Vicky, making her the target of envy from practically everyone around her. To those people, Vicky is a tool they can use to control Tyler, and she's also their competitor. Tyler isn't himself right now, so he'll have to return to the Harts sooner or later.]

Not himself, huh?' Aurora thought to herself.

There were things everyone kept quiet about, but the truth was that they all knew what was happening. It was clear to everyone that Tyler and Vicky could never be together.

Later in the evening, Jennifer contacted Noah and Aurora, which was another story on its own.

As a few people emerged from the studio, a handsome figure walked gracefully toward them.

Cece exclaimed, "Assistant Leonheart?"

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Vicky was suddenly interrupted as a familiar luxury car came to a halt beside them. A tall, elegantly

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Vicky, Chris stepped in to answer for her." Mister Hart,

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