Chapter 24 Nine Restoring Yang Needles


Dead silence.

Then, the crowd burst into thunderous applause.

Everyone stared at her with admiration and respect.

Yes, respect.

Master of Clouds was their idol, while Alice was the only one who got his custom-made painting, which was a masterpiece all over the world.

It meant that in the eyes of Master of Clouds, this woman means a lot to him.

Therefore, how dare they disrespect Alice.

This explained why such a strange face like Alice was qualified to sit in the VIP seat.

It turned out that everything was arranged by Master of Clouds.

Now, standing on the auction stand, Alice held the painting from Master of Clouds in her hands, with her delicate body trembling slightly.

She couldn’t believe that the Master of Clouds would make a painting for her.

How could she deserve it!

At this moment, Alice was no longer the charming Queen Rose, nor the cold faced killer the Night Rose. She was just an ordinary idolater favored by her idol.

At the same time, she was also Alice, the most respected third-elder sister of John.

Of course, it was all John’s arrangement.

The night before yesterday, she was bullied in Johnson’s family for those pedantic people thought that Alice was not qualified to join them.


Then I won’t join your circle.


took the initiative to show their kindness to Alice and invited her to visit their collections

price of billions to

but he

merchant prince didn’t get angry. He just handed over his business card piteously, hoping to make a friend

that they wanted to get


Clouds and be very familiar

calligraphy would remember the name of Alice as a super important person to Master

crowd with sadness, staring at Alice who was surrounded

of Clouds, but they

circle all cast

his fault. We could have been got to know Master


be a mind reader of



body twitched and then fell to the ground, with his face turning


Shouted Roe.

to give Wade an injection in the same way as


became more severe, and even

be? Tell me,


panicked. He had never met such a situation

no idea. The injection was effective the night before yesterday. Why… I’m calling my teacher

calling. My father has already died

Julian’s glasses off and

him in panic, “Mr. Lopez,

me doubt his medical skills, would he?” John glanced

and said.

I should have trusted you instead of losing my temper that day. You can

Joe was a mean person with a poor character, he was indeed more filial than someone. Seeing that John didn’t respond, he then ran to Alice

mean to you that

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