Chapter 25 Doctor Tino shows off

“Mr. Lopez.”

Just as John was about to leave the auction house with Alice, Maxwell suddenly came over.

The leader of the Remar Family showed his respect to John.

He didn’t know that John was the King of Horizon, nor did he know that he was the Master of Clouds, because both of them were carried by Duke of Southern River.

Then why did Maxwell respect him so much?

Finally, it was attributed to the day of the new product launch of the Queenie Group.

At that time, Duke of Southern River found these family leaders and told them that the man behind Queenie Yeats was King of Horizon. He hoped that they could set an example.

They all knew that Duke of Southern River had an elder brother who worked for King of Horizon, so his words were totally credible.

In addition, Duke of Southern River had also sent out orders of five billions, which confirmed their


It was worthy betting on a future with one billion.

On the day of the new product launch, Maxwell was present and knew that John and Queenie were siblings. In other words, it was very likely that John was the brother-in-law of King of Horizon.

Therefore, Maxwell would respect him for sure.

Except Paul, the other family leaders also hold the same thought.

On that day, Paul was facing the anger of John, from which he could feel that he had a momentum that was different from ordinary people.

His momentum was that of a domineering king.

With the attitude of Duke of Southern River and the others, Paul guessed that John was not the brother-in-law of King of Horizon at all, but King of Horizon himself.

As the saying goes, enemies know us better than friends.

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frank, my father is sick and hasn’t eaten anything for three days, so I want to ask



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Doctor Tino here. Let

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a lean old man in his sixties with a medicine box.

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out that when Stratton just got sick, they went to ask Tino for help. But this old guy deliberately

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course, Maxwell

say anything, Tino pulled a long face and said, “What do you mean? Please don’t

unhappy to see

expect that Maxwell had already invited a doctor. But seeing Jonh was just a young man, he naturally believed in Tino’s medical skills

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