Chapter 35 This is not a man to mess with

As soon as these people appeared, John could see that they were in cahoots with this old woman.

It was not a simple accident, but a blackmail.

After thinking for a while, John suddenly squatted down and said to the old woman, “Well, I don’t think that you are injured.”

“That’s what you said.”

The old woman glared fiercely at John and said, “I only believe hospital to say if I’m injured or not, you can either spend ten or twenty thousand dollars to take me to the hospital for a detailed full body examination, or give me a few thousand dollars and we will settle the matter privately. It’s your choice!”

“What a coincidence! My sister and I are both doctors. We don’t even need to go to the hospital. Let

me check for you.”

“A doctor?”

The old woman’s heart thumped. This is a bad luck to run into professionals.

tell my

But soon she said with a sullen look, “I don’t believe you. Even if you are a doctor, can you condition with your naked eyes? I’m suffering from an internal injury, do you understand?”

“Oh? Is that right?” John raised his eyebrows and said, “how do you know you got internal injury? As far as I can see, you are just fine. Nothing is wrong with you.”

The old woman was obviously angered by him and said, “Why are you so serious. I can’t move now, my body hurts all over, what is it if not an internal injury?”

Then she groaned again.

At this point, John suddenly revealed a wry smile and he quickly pressed down on an acupuncture point on the old woman’s body while no one could notice.

The old woman was still groaning, but a moment later, she suddenly stopped and her face became

extremely bad.

A strong sense of poop came over her.

What happened?

could she have a stomachache

she held it in, and finally she couldn’t help but jump up and say, “Forget it.

Then she ran away.

a good health, she can still run so fast with her Internal injuries.”

that the old woman disappeared without a trace, the yellow-haired punk and the others. looked at each other

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should we do now?

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How about……Ouch!”

body hanging in the air, and then he

“Holly shit.”

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meters away from that river. How could he throw

like that?”

Such a monster!

The yellow-haired punk thought.

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The second day.

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Traditional Medicine.

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