Chapter 34 Gentleness is worthless in front of me

There were several other passers-by at where they were sheltering from the rain, and the moment they saw the car, they were all very surprised.


Bugatti Veyron? That would cost tens of millions!

What surprised them more was the young man’s words, “I walked around and I couldn’t find a shop

that sells umbrella. But I find an auto store, so I just bought a car for us to shelter from the rain.”

He bought a sports car just because of the rain?

Is that the way how rich men woo the girl they love?

That is a lot to envy.

Tracy was also shocked, thinking to herself that this was too high profile, but…… it was quite helpful to drive her anger away.

In the envious eyes of the crowd, she raised her chin and got into the car.

And about Ada, she was frozen in her stance.

Do John even need to say anything else?

Your boyfriend’s gentleness is worthless in front of my Bugatti Veyron.

However, at this point, John said meaningfully, “Well, well, if you don’t exercise moderation in your youth, you will shed tears in your old age!”

The old man’s hand suddenly trembled, wondering how this lad knew about that, but before he

could ask, he heard a bang.

The Bugatti Veyron started up and splashed Ada with dirty water.

The old man had no choice but to smile awkwardly and said, “your clothes are dirty, honey, let me

wipe it for you.”


and slapped the old man in the face. Then

Inside the car.

asked his younger brother curiously, “how

brands. Like most girls, she

never seen a

judging from the configuration, it can’t

I didn’t ask

a car,

it was

got scoffed at by her. So he just bought a

ask about the specific price of

VIP card to the salesman and pointed this car, “No need for introduction. This

when seeing

of Commerce of City. Only those from patrician families or celebrities can get

customer and quickened his movement as well. It usually took more than half an hour to get the temporary license plate, but this time the

going back to the clinic directly, John took Tracy on a slow drive

The rain gradually stopped.

sun shone on the river, glistening, and there are even some fish jumping

such a good time with

while, Tracy suddenly asked, “so have Queenie and Alice arranged any

head with a

and promising that this position would not require him to do anything. But John still didn’t like it

As for Alice.

to be a bartender in her bar? Or just

and said, “Well, you can come and help me in the clinic.

a medical certificate. It

medicine at the pharmacy and I


would be on duty. I expect there would be many patients, but I have to go to the provincial city to get some Chinese medicine. So it

You’re setting

said and reached out to touch

away his hand and warned,


saw an old lady not far away, wobbling and groping her

No way!

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