Chapter 33 Bought a car to shelter from the rain

The father and son then realized that this young doctor in front of them, saying the amputation only to distract their attention and reduce the pain caused by the fracture reposition.

In fact, it was true. The patient was so angry about the doctor just now that he didn’t feel any pain at all.

When the patient came back to his senses, his broken arm was already repaired.

“Doctor, you are better than Dr.Lynn. I will come to the clinic and have you to treat me from now on. I think you are the best.”

After paying the medical fee, the patient and his son asked the name of John again and left with great gratitude.

On the other side, the beautiful eyes of Tracy were full of surprise.

“So you really are an orthopaedic surgeon When did you get the medical certificate?”

As a professional doctor, Tracy knew how brilliant John’s treatment was. Although it looked like he only completed a minor operation, it contained techniques and skills which can only be acquired. through professional training over time.

The key of the Emotional Transfer Method was to take things by surprise, which was not uncommon in the practice of medical treatment. For example, when a dentist extracts a patient’s tooth, he may agree with the patient to count to three, but he would pull out the tooth when counted to one. All of this was to distract the patient’s attention.

But the orthopaedic injuries were nothing like that.

When the doctor was treating a patient with orthopaedic injuries, he needed to touch the broken. part first to confirm the precise point of repositioning, and then exert force on it.

During the process, the patient was in a highly nervous and painful state, and they would struggle violently to resist the repositioning at times.

While it took less than half a minute for John to repair the broken arm for the patient from touching to repositioning. Since the patient was not in a static state during this period, a doctor’s strong and skilled ability of prediction is needed. It was impossible for him to make it without decades of industrious training.

What surprised Tracy most was that his brother was only in his early twenties and how could he being such experienced?

However, John smiled and replied, “Sis, I haven’t got a certificate yet.”

“What? How come?”

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John was rendered speechless.

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fact, there was another important reason. At that time, Chris White, the son of the director of department, Department was fond of Tracy

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