Chapter 17 Alice was irritated

“Long story short, leave Queenie. You don’t deserve her.”

As soon as John sat down, Alice came to the point. She didn’t want to waste time with him.

“But I love Queenie, and she loves me too! How can you break up a couple?”


Alice sneered, “If you love my sister with all your heart, you won’t covet other women at the same


“Covet? No, it’s just a case of love me, love my dog. I like Queenie, you are her sister, so of course I should like you.’

With a roguish smile, John shamelessly reached out his hand and held Alice’s slender waist.


John felt a chill from between his thighs.

He hurriedly moved back. Looking down, a dagger was inserted into the sofa, just right between his


On crap!

If he hadn’t noticed it and moved back twenty centimeters in time, his dick would have been cut off.

What a cruel woman!

He was frightened and confused: how could an ordinary person’s movement be so skilled and


John had a prominent background. He owned Three-Six department in the open, in addition, he controlled Seven-Two intelligence agency.

Through the Seventy-Two intelligence agency, he could easily dig out the information of every


But he didn’t do that.

He respected their own privacy.

Therefore, he did not know that on the surface, Alice was a bar owner, but she had another identity:

the Night Rose, a stern-faced killer,

The Night Rose.

bar was also

of this, it was even more impossible for people to connect her

be so stupid as

Back on topic.

that John escaped from her dagger. She hadn’t got pinched

quickly pulled out the

next second she

dagger lunged at his neck, but he was precautious. He leaned back

sharp dagger narrowly

feet and said with hostility, “You are not an ordinary

John’s first escape could be ascribed to lucky, then the second

a novice. How could she not recognize his skills? She could even feel that he was

need for girls to play with

speaking, he suddenly leaned forward and flicked

sound was heard.

was blew off


her beautiful eyes, but


very simple hug,

How dare him!

was amassing in

to kill this

But at this moment

it’s me, John. I’ın

John said softly.

the mention of John, Alice’s eyes went

you say?” Her voice

not my substitute boyfriend. We were just playing


time, Queenie pushed the door

scene in the room, she was

them had a fight.

still suspected John’s

a lot of things happened in their childhood. Moreover, he

her brother

up in an

hugged John more tightly than he

clearly feel the heartbeat of Alice, it was so real

happiness was beyond

the three of

look at her watch, Alice exclaimed, “Oh, crap! I almost forgot

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