Chapter 16 The Queen of Rose

Jonathan’s face turned gloomy.

But before he vented anger, a charming voice suddenly came, “Mr. Sinclaire, why do you look so bad?”

Everyone looked up.

Next second, they were all stunned by what they saw.

A beautiful woman slowly walked down from the stairs on the second floor, her slender legs and waist swaying slightly.

Wearing a magnificent red dress and a pair of bright silver high heel, she looked like a noble queen descending from the sky.

This woman was Alice, known as the Queen of Rose, the boss of the Night Rose.

Everyone present looked at her with obsession.

They had long heard that the boss of the bar was a sexy and charming beauty. She really deserved

the reputation.

With a faint smile on her face, Alice’s red lips seemed to exude a fatal temptation.

When she walked to Queenie, all the people around her were in a trance.

When the two top beauties met, no one could tell which one was prettier than the other. The only difference was that Queenie was aloof, while Alice was enchanting. They were like ice and fire.

Their appearance was really eye-catching.

“Mr. Sinclaire?”

Jonathan was also obsessed with Alice’s charm. He didn’t come to his senses until she called him


“Miss. Moon, I don’t mean to stir trouble there. It’s just that this shameless couple are teasing me. I

just want to seek justice.”


With a charming smile, Alice turned to Queenie and said, “Elder sister, he called you a shameless


Elder sister?

Instantly, Jonathan froze.


that these two




around and smiled at Jonathan, “Mr. Sinclaire, my sister doesn’t like

what Queenie said clearly. He stood still, his mind was

like to ask someone instead, or… I can

Jonathan could still feel her oppressive aura. What she said seemed an

No. I can

end, Jonathan yielded to the power of Alice. He slapped himself

not until now that Alice looked at John up and down and asked, “Who

my boyfriend. His surname

Queenie butted in. She

surprise appeared in her long and narrow beautiful eyes.

looked at

John nodded.

expression grew complicated. She pulled Queenie aside and whispered,

person? And

about. She persuaded, “I know you miss John very much, so do I. But you can’t give your heart to a man easily just because he looks

listen to her at all. Instead, she blinked and said, “Alice, I have something to discuss with you. Do you still remember that when we were kids, we promised


Alice nodded.

was just a

made up my mind, I’m going to marry him. And I come here to

of Alice. Alice’s eyes went as wide as saucers. She

have a fever?”

say something like that. She had always been


Alice’s eyes, Queenie continued, “I’ve asked my boyfriend’s advice. He said he doesn’t mind living with our seven

Alice’s pretty

her sisters were so excellent, how could he mind it! He couldn’t

Queenie understand this truth? Would love really lower her

thought that her sister had gone crazy. Since Queenie’s mind was blank, then she had

persuade her ‘boyfriend’.

she didn’t know was that when she turned around, a sly smile

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