Chapter 15 Making a bet

In the Night Rose bar.

Several obscene men gathered together and made comments.


1, my God! Look at her figure, appearance. What a hot beauty! These women around her, by contrast, are nobody at all!” An obese man exclaimed.

“She’s indeed a pretty, but she is too aloof. There are seven people trying to accost her in less than twenty minutes. But she refused all!”

“Ha ha, girls with top figure and appearance like her are all here to hook up with rich men. How can a loser catch her eyes? So you know.”

“Buddy, you know a lot! But I remember that you’re the first one to be rejected by her.”

“Well…” The fat man was embarrassed. “I don’t mean that I’m not a loser.”

“Hey, look! That man’s the eighth person who tries to chat that girl up! Wait… Isn’t that the young master of the Sinclaire family?”

“You’re right, it’s him. Oh my God! The goddess is going to be captured by him. Not a women can resist Jonathan Sinclaire’s temptation. He’ll definitely win her over.”

“How about making a bet. Let’s see how long it will take for Jonathan to win that beauty’s heart.”

As soon as John entered the bar, he overheard these men’s conversation. He walked over and said, “What are you betting on? Add me!”


All of them turned to John simultaneously. They examined over him–their eyes were like a scanning machine. “What’s the point of coming here, you loser. Save your money to take bus!” One man sneered.

John was wearing cheap clothes. Calling him a loser was a praise to him.

Without getting angry, John drew out a hundred-dollar bill and said, “I bet that man would fail.”

“One hundred? You’re fucking rich!”

Hearing his confident words, these men’s face twitched. He took out just one hundred with great flourish as if he took out tens of thousands of dollars!

A gleam of shrewdness flashed in the obese man’s eyes. He took the one hundred and said, “I bet with you. If Mr. Sinclaire is refused by that woman, I will give you five hundred!”

Although one hundred was a small amount, but if he won the bet, he could get it for free!

At this time, John said, “What do you think the chances of success if I accost that beautiful


“What? Are you going to accost her?”

laughed back

at you, you want to accost girls? I’ve never seen such a confident man like

seriously, “But

fucking the fan when it’s running!”


remember what

and walked towards a

stylish suit. Holding a red wine glass, she

flushed with alcohol; her chest


young man was talking to her.

I think this place was not suitable for


vulgar. It

do you always accost girls in this

just looking for someone, a woman who deserves the Dream of Stars.

I’ve found her.” As Jonathan


necklace released by SWAROVSKI, and there were only one

girl likes

this crystal necklace, Jonathan coaxed many young, beautiful women to

at all: he was

It was impossible for him to really give

to the Night Rose to look for a new prey. Then he was

first sight.

her face, figure and temperament surpassed all the women he

take her down, Jonathan


surprise, Queenie just cast a cursory glance at his necklace

“Sorry, I’m not interested.”

She refused him!

who pricked up their ears to eavesdrop were also

could there be a woman in the world who didn’t


about to launch the next round of attack, but at this time, a figure suddenly came to

girl! Look at your plump chest and hips. Your figure’s suitable for

John. With a frivolous look, he rotated a plastic bracelet

Jonathan was dumbfounded.

did the son of bitch come from?

bracelet in his hand! It must be a low-quality one bought with a


courage to accost

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