Chapter 14 I’m the King of Horizon

Ned Russell had a son named James who was a well-known playboy in New York. Any pretty woman noticed by him could not escape from his clutches.

There were dozens of innocent girls who had lost their purity in his hands in the past few years.

Till one day, when James was carousing, a mysterious female killer broke in and cut off his dick in the blink of an eye!

It caused a huge sensation at that time.

The Russell Family flew into a fit of rage and offered a reward of ten million dollars to catch the female killer, but all in vain: she left no trace.

Therefore, James changed from a flirty playboy to a famous eunuch in now York.

Not long ago, the Russell Family released a dating news for James.

Although it was known that he was a disabled man, the dating news still aroused many beautiful

ladies’ interests.

After all, the Russell Family maintained a prominent position there. Marrying into the Russell family meant a ticket to the upper-class circles. Thus, it didn’t matter whether James were

incomplete or not.

Kim Gibson also had a try. He sent his daughter’s photo to James, but he didn’t expect that his daughter was chosen by him at the first sight.

He told the news to Amy excitedly.

But when she heard that she was going to marry James, she immediately showed strong resistance.

She didn’t want to be a widow all her life.

But after pondering for a while, Amy changed her mind.

There was no place for her to stay in the southern of New York. Besides, if she stayed there, she

never be able to catch up with

How could she

of New York and marry into the Russell family. She would take

toy boy, John, she was going to command him to kneel down at her feet and lick her

time, John had returned to

felt guilty for slapping John on the

so he pulled a long

do you want me to do?” Queenie

she usually was. Now she looked like an adorable

melted before the scene. But he still put on a sour face and said, “My broken heart is

bottle? Then

John was stifling his laughter, she immediately realized that he was teasing her! She

document on the table and threw it at

said innocently, “Queenie, why

should comfort me.”

It seems that you don’t know my strength, right? Then I’ll teach you


the persona as a aloof goddess and pounced on John. The siblings fought with each other and finally ended up

be serious, John, is it because of

of Southern River and several big clans

regained her

King of Horizon. The Duke of Southern River is afraid of me,

find that you have changed a lot. You’ve got

that you

have been

mountain for fifteen years?



to make up another excuse, “In fact, I’m a highly skilled doctor. I’ve cured the mother of the

“That’s reliable.” Queenie said.

John fell silent.

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