Chapter 13 August fifteen, a big gift for you!


As soon as John finished speaking, Paul knelt down first.

Although he was not present when these media attacked Queenie, he was afraid!

The anger of King of Horizon was not something that his family could bear. He had to do everything to obtain King of Horizon’s forgiveness.




The power holder of the Holland’s family had already knelt down, and the surrounding media reporters dared not to stand still. They all knelt down on the ground.

The scene was shocking.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” asked John, walking up to Gary.

“I… I’m telling the truth. Karl said he would help me pay off my gambling debts…”

Gary explained everything. His voice was trembling, as well as his body trembling and his soul.

Paul trembled with him.

Every time Gary mentioned Karl’s name, Paul would slap himself hard. He really wanted to cut Karl

into pieces.

At this time, Tim also knelt down in front of Queenie and said with tears in his eyes, “Boss, I’m sorry. Please give me another chance. I have wife and children to raise…’

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want to eat something that comes from nowhere?” Queenie snorted.


How could Tim feel regretful.

Then she looked at Amy and Herman, “since you are determined to leave the Queenie Group, I won’t ask you to stay. I wish you a bright future.”


The two of them were so depressed that they almost vomited blood.

If they offended Queenie today, it was equivalent to offending Duke of Southern River. In the State

of New York, who else dared to hire them?

bright future, which

new product

media reporters kept today’s interview a secret, and no one dared to report

the new products of

ten billion from Duke of Southern River and

necessary to publicize?

on the top floor of

a bow, Leo said to the young man in front of him in an incomparably

You have a good performance and


of Southern River at all. He was clearly a child who got full marks in the exam

for a moment, Leo quickly restrained his smile and said, “Your

the Beauty Group…”

no need

competed normally, John would not interfere, but if they


the Beauty Group offended her first. If he was

what would

inform the family leaders to seal out the Beauty


respectfully, “Your Highness, this is a supreme VIP card issued by the

accept it.”

“Thank you.”


important thing and asked, “any clue about the fire in the Sunshine Welfare Center fifteen

Only one day had passed. He hadn’t expected an answer from Leo, but unexpectedly,

have found

first one to find out who John

and found a foreman who was responsible for relevant projects. According to

the foreman, it took him a lot of

the answer he wanted.

got the news, what John wanted was

heard that the fire had something to do with Excellence Real Estate, two rays of cold

Real Estate is courting death! Who is

“Ned Russell.”

a member of the Russell Family in the northern part of the country. He mainly runs the real estate business. More than 90% of the real estate resources in the

under his control, but…”

“But what?”

main forces are all distributed in the South River, and I

River.” Leo smiled bitterly.

geographical location. It was built near the water.

there was a Zingle River from west to east, dividing New York into two areas, the

and the south.

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