Chapter 12 Tremble, tremble as much as you can! (M)

“Paul, maybe in your opinion, I can do it with my bare hands, but how do you know that in my eyes, your family is no different from an ant?”

Said John in a low voice in front of Paul.


Paul suddenly took a step back, and his back hit the corner of the table, which made him wince in



As the ruler of the Holland’s family, he was frightened by a young man’s words.

“I… I admit that you are good at fighting, but no matter how hard you fight, you are only one person in the end. Can you still fight against the entire the Holland’s family?”

Paul calmed himself down and shouted angrily.

The stunned people around suddenly came to their senses.

They were all shocked by John’s skillful.

He fought with more than ten bodyguards alone, but he was still unharmed. Was he shooting a


But anyway, they agreed with Paul.

No matter how capable you are, you are only one person. Can you beat more than a dozen bodyguards, or one hundred?

What’s more, he said the Holland’s family is nothing but an ant. How arrogant he is!


At this moment, a crisp sound of leather shoes came, and then a middle-aged man in suit pushed

the door in.

The moment they saw the man in suit, everyone was shocked.

“Maxwell, what are you doing here?”

Paul’s pupils shrank.

All of a sudden, he seemed to think of something and said angrily, “well, I’ve wondered why this guy is so arrogant. It turns out that your Remar Family is behind him!”

The Remar Family and the Holland’s family were both the top clans in New York, and their strength

was almost the same.

And Maxwell was the head of the sun clan.

and the Holland’s family, but in fact, it’s a competition between the two powerful

reporters also thought the same as Paul. They all

time, Maxwell glanced at them


He came here with a

crowd, Maxwell strode to the front of Queenie and said loudly, “Maxwell from the Remar Family, under the order of Duke of Southern River, send a contract with an order of one billion to


pupils exploded with a violent

Duke of Southern River!

One billion order contracts!

She was going crazy!

time, before everyone came to their senses,

the meeting room.


one billion

family in

of Southern

Another one billion orders!

Damn it! What happened??

few more people came in, all of

the order of Duke of Southern River, delivered a contract worth

Wodehouse family, under the order of Duke of Southern River, delivered a contract

Family, under the order of Duke of Southern River, delivered a contract worth one billion

and again, everyone was numb

send a contract worth five billion to Queenie

Five billion!



they had been shocked and numb before, everyone could not help but widen


They were all crazy.

of the leaders of the rich and powerful clans in New York

know what was

Queenie was also shocked.

in Queenie Group was

powerful clans used to be the existences they looked up to, but

one after another.

One billion!

Five billion!

Group could instantly rise from

be listed to the top

was going

violently, Queenie

also asked the doubts

Leo smiled and said, “Queenie, you don’t have to ask. These are our little gifts. You

take them.”

he looked somewhere, but

Queenie. She looked in the

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