Chapter 11 Tremble, tremble as much as you want! (N)


The slap fell on everyone’s face, and everyone’s eyes seemed to be torn apart.

He is the eldest son of the Holland’s family!


This toy boy, who was kept by Queenie, was completely insane!

Amy hurried to help Karl stand up, turned around and shouted at John, “you’re over! Queenie is also over! All the people in your Queenie Group are completely over!”

She felt lucky that she left the Queenie Group in time, or she would be killed by the madman John.

Amy’s roar shocked all the employees of the Queenie Group.


This slap directly killed the Queenie Group. They, the employees of the group, probably could not escape the anger of the Holland’s family.

Thinking of this, they looked at John with infinite hatred.

‘damn it! You are just a toy boy. Why did you hurt Queenie Group and us?

“Son of a bitch! I want you to die! I want all of you to die here!”

Karl was furious.

His teeth were broken, his glasses were broken, and his dignity was trampled. How could he vent his hatred if he didn’t kill John this time?

Everyone in the Queenie Group was trembling. Fear had completely devoured their reason.

However, the chief culprit, John, even said indifferently, “I’ll give you time to call someone. Call as many people as you can. I’m waiting for you to kill me.”


Everyone in Queenie Group felt suffocated.

Someone immediately said in horror, “Mr. Karl, I’m leaving Queenie Group now. It really has

nothing to do with me!”

“It’s too late! After I kill this dog, it’s your turn next!”

A dead end!

A complete dead end!

only pour all their anger on John. If eyes could kill


staff at the backstage also hurriedly woke up Queenie and said anxiously, “Boss,

to the worker’s brief introduction, Queenie’s pretty face


didn’t expect that things would turn out like

to call Mr. Karl? Now you know how to say sorry? Weren’t you very arrogant before?


was slapped away again, and his teeth

your mouth!” Said


The next second.


Another slap was heard.

was John who was beaten this

it easily, but he didn’t,

slapped him.

“John, are you crazy?”

Queenie was heartbroken.

wouldn’t slap John. It was really because this


reason why she slapped John was that she didn’t want John


open violently, followed by a dozen of bodyguards in black and a

beaten. Hurry up


in an instant. “Who the

was me. I’ll take

about to speak, a beautiful figure

It was Queenie.

to take all

“You hit him?”

believe that a

hearts were completely chilled. At

suddenly stood out and said, “it’s not her.


eyes were filled with endless anger. He

behind her.

very domineering just now? Why are you so coward

shut up!” Queenie shouted

I’m no longer an employee of the Queenie


to say something more, but

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