Chapter 10 Tremble, tremble as much as you can!(1)

John had been very angry when Jack came out to pour dirty water, but he didn’t say anything.

He was putting up with it!

He wanted to see how many people there were and how many methods they would use to bully his sister.








They all came out one by one to slander, smear and insult his sister.

And these media also listened to one-sided statements and condemned and attacked Queenie without any

substantial evidence.

The anger in Jack’s heart had been accumulated layer by layer.

More and more angry!

However, at this time, Jack pointed at John and said, “it’s him. He is the toy boy that Queenie raised!”


The next moment, John appeared in front of Jack.

“Fuck you! Do you want to get a lesson, don’t you?”

John pulled back Jack’s hair and slammed into the table next to him. One, two, three…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jack’s head was broken and bleeding instantly.

“You… You barbarian, how dare you hit me?”

The surrounding media journalists suddenly reacted and rebuked him angrily.

Jack’s face was covered with blood. He screamed and shouted

“As you can see, this toy boy is so arrogant! Hurry up and shoot his crime. I will let him be in jail!”

Without his reminder, the reporters were already pressing the shutter madly.

you won’t shed tears until

eyes, he lifted Jack

play the files

shouted at the staff


The projector lit up.

there was a

driver for Queenie. I believe that it

nude photo of

release the photos before Queenie Group is listed. I



it’s done, I will give

but it was

photos suddenly popped up on the projector. One

other was a bed

in the bed

the comparison of the photos, it could be seen that this


media got

angry spearhead instantly turned to Jack and

two are

two bastards cheat us, you die

the boss of the Beauty Group, Allen Thomas. I

a dirty trick in order to suppress

it! Make everyone

Jack had already forgotten the pain in

How could this be?

How could this be?

this audio in order to prevent Allen from going back on

couldn’t figure it out, how could it suddenly appear in John’s hands when it was well preserved? Moreover, even his private photos were

Jack was completely desperate.

attacking, but at

conference room fell into silence in an

making them feel as if they were standing

you should ask yourself first.

all costs. Even if they attacked

hurt those who

of you owe Queenie

There was dead silence.

none of them

it was


arrogant you

Jack is more despicable, but it can’t cover

John could show evidence against Jack, but


is right. Jack is not a good man, so is

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